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Pic 62 is mighty, real top spec. no photos of her sideways :D
naw man she had turbo bother on the day, lol
cheers lad, the old drifting is unreal really worth the trip down though it's 2 round tipperary 2 rounds cork and 1 round mondello
whats the dates for next year/ the rest of this year
sorry didn't see your post till now, the dates rea not released yet for the Irl Drift series 06 but there is a rally Vs Drift demo on 11th Dec in tipperary

Down Rally Pictures - http://www.reallymeansounds.com/report.php?event=206
Great photos there Gee, it was a great day!!! Pity having to wait so long for our first run, but all in all a good day!!!
what car ya running? was very dark for pix but i tried my best and am very happy with most of them
I sit with the boy in the wee repsol RWD fiesta
nice pics gee. gimme a shout when you're headin to the next one!
cheers marty and turkey run on 29th i'll be there
Just had a rather major revamp of my web site there over the last month as i was bored and took my time building it (it's a sister site to RMS) so check it out and pass the word about it!

Site Looks Well Gee, best of luck with it

1 - 20 of 481 Posts
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