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WRC's in Irish National Championship

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Its something that i've thought about many a time and I was just interested what views people had on it. I really think WRC cars should be banned from the National championship. The machinery in it is crazy for a national championship and alot of the drivers would be well able to afford to compete in the international championship. There should be one premier championship and one clubman championship, which is what the National championship is! Maybe if WRC owners wanted to compete in the local event they could and be banned from taking championship points. There has to be some events where a clubman, a real clubman can be in the shake-up for overall results. I know WRC's attract crowds and all, I just think something has to change.
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I know a lot of guys in the national cannot afford time off for the Internationals . For example two days recce and two/three days for the rally . Thats why the national is so attractive to so many . Recce on saturday and rally on sunday .
Great Point.

My point is is I first heard the same argument put forward
by Luke McCarthy in 1990ish when the first 4wd stuff came on the
scene and he had the manta, Enda Nolan and S Murphy in the 3dr

Some things will never Change...

Money will always buy Championships. ALWAYS
Look Lads,
To me it is simple, let them run in the National, the concept works really well. Ireland is a small country so most people need take no time off work at all. Even Jim and Harvey find it an easy championship, such is their great support.

Ok some of the machinery is with out doubt out of place when you look at other national championships but no talent and a lot of money only goes so far, some talent and a lot of money works better and a lot of talent and some money gives about the same results. I say leave it as it is, the real followers know whom the talent is
Keep the nationals as is.

However, I personally would like to see more of the national big guns compete on the internationals as well. I would be all for to register for the national championship outright, you have to compete in 2 internationals as well, points being available on these.

This would keep the quality of field in the nationals extremely high, but push the internationals to even greater heights.

That would be one way to get a quality field on the circuit again. And think of the fans - 30+ wrc cars on a single event.
I have never hear such a stupid post.......Yhe national championship is getting better and better and some clown calls for the WRC's to be banned!!!!!!!
Have to agree with you ste0411 a ridiculous suggestion especially as the national championshup is going from strenght to strenght this season, WRC cars = entertainment = bigger crowds = stronger championship, so don't downsize it, encourage it to grow even stronger. Dont want to end up like the UK now do we....
Breen, Harrison, Elliot etc.. are national drivers, they will always figure in the top 5 with the best of equipment. DMG, Donnelly Nesbitt, McNulty etc.. are international drivers. Why would the national lads give up wins and top 3 finishes to do the internationals?? These guys couldnt cut it at that level when they will always be outside the top 5. The only man to get success at both champs is KPL, then again he can afford it. It always comes down to money and sponsors. Dunlop would rather Breen winning nationals than being 5th-6th-7th in internationals.
. The only man to get success at both champs is KPL,

Dont you mean Donnelly!!
Has won national championship & international ??!
I have to agree with the last few posts. The national championship is getting stronger and stroner every year. So the last ting would be to ban WRC cars from it cause if that does happen (like what the english are about to do) then there will be poor entry lists and a lesser number of spectators following the rallies.
If you want to introduce a clubmans championship then introduce one which will bn WRC cars from it. Like the Midlands east rally championship for example.
I agree. Personal I think that the national Championship is stronger than every and needs these Wrc cars. The clubman knows going out on events that hes not going to get overall victory and accepts this for what it is. The classes are so competitive now that our own little rallies are carried out among the classes and winning your class can be as good as an overall victory.:D:D
3 points -
1. The most competitive class in the National Championship at the moment is Class 6 (1400cc to 1600cc) - a long way from WRCs. The top 3 drivers are all on the same points with only 2 rounds to go. http://www.irish-rallying.com/downloads/050829_150641/national05R8.xls
2. Define "Clubman". Elliot, Maguire, Breen etc etc etc, are all members of some club and many of these guys do more for their clubs than some fellas with the class 11 escorts who never help out but turn up at every club event thinking they're entitled to an entry just because they're club members! There's more to being a club man than just driving a non-WRC car!
3. Typical Irish reaction to something good - once something becomes successful the begrudgers have to knock it! The National Championship is doing well, thanks to a lot of work by a small number of people. The National Championship should be the premier championship in a country - that's why it's called NATIONAL. As for the Tarmac, well it could hardly be called national, could it? Also a great championship but run in two different countries.
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You guys don't know how lucky you are down south with that Championship. The entries for the events are amazing and most of the top men are quite closely matched which makes it far more exciting than the ITC.
You are correct about Donnelly Bones, but im talking about this year. I think KPL is the only man to be on the pace in both champs.
Originally posted by jonb
I say leave it as it is, the real followers know whom the talent is
Here Here JB

And as for Ben (and Im genuine here) with such sense and pragmatism you should be running this country (with Eddie Hobbs as Minister for Finanace)

Spot on, some of the clubmen in WRCs do more for their club than so many others, Maguire and Breen are 2 that spring to mind alright, some folks think just because you paid a tenner and got a stamp you are the ultimate clubman.
Re: WRC's in Irish National Championship

What would Jack do then,he might have to compete against cars of a similar type in the ITC
Re: WRC's in Irish National Championship

What would Jack do then,he might have to compete against cars of a similar type in the ITC
simple instead of coming 10th in the national behind the wrcs and about 4 grp n's (on a good day) he'd be about 30th behind the wrcs and about 14 grp n's
Re: WRC's in Irish National Championship

Back to the question of banning WRC cars from the national championship,

I dont think you can just ban the WRC cars, as the national is a top championship and why has it become so good, because of the rallys (including the organisers) and the cars that are taking part in it.
Back when the 1st of the WRC cars entered the national championship there was talks of banning them or at least setting a limit as to the WRC cars that are eligible for the national, ie, saying that the WRC cars must be a min number of years old (say 2 years), but this sort of rule can't be just brought into effect to rule out any of the present cars currently taking part in the national championship.
This is just an opinion,
if you ban the 100k wrc why not ban the 100k mark2 why not ban everycar that costs more that 10k and we can all rally 205's

this is the most stupid topic in a long time its a wonder the mighty 2.4 didnt start it :)
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