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hey lads im gettin it this evening at 5 o clock, cant wait to have a bash, looks like ill be retiring from r.burns rally for a while, if anybody else gets it let us know, headin out on the tiles tonight so it will only be a few hours of play ill have on it, hope its an improvement on the last four:cool:
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i guess its out then,
ill have to check if its in extravision as no other shop sells games here :(
im gettin it in xtravision in ten mins hehe cant wait it had better be good, i have a mate working there, duno if they have pulled a few strings to get it for me or not, but its official release date is today as far as i know
i think its crap. only thing i like is the privateer cars and the stages (graphically, not the amount).

do you do stages or is it just racing with 7 other cars etc
as i was told that this is in it.
Front cover looks good!!!!!
not that good really, im a tad disappointed with it, just doesnt hit the mark, id give it a 6/10 so far,
neill pics its the same as before, theres just the extra option of racing 7 cars but i havent even bothered with that, id recommend rent it cause you will be probably bored with it after a day anyway coz i am:mad:
whats wrong with this game
is it bad graphics or what
it does look like pooh! an i havent even seen any clips of the in game stuff
I aint wasting money on it! WRC4 sounds like its still the leading wrc game to date!!
WRC4 sounds like its still the leading wrc game to date!! [/quote]

It never was the leading wrc game..........:p
the bad thing about it is theres just 3 stages. its a BIG problem!!!!!

*digs out mobil 1 rally championship*
Its alright but i keep hitting other retired cars,fire engines etc.
Yeah, sometimes when your driving along and rock fall down the side of the mountain and there is no way to avoid them. How dumb is that. I didn't realise there was "driver aids" on it as well and couldn't understand why the car was braking for me going into the corners. Co-driver is an annoying git as well. 3 stages thing is rubbish as well. Theres no chance to make up time if you have a bad stage. Huge let down
Overall a good game, the test track is good as are the cars with the independants etc. 3 stages is a bit short though ....
Got it there a few weeks ago. Not a bad game but if they took the car control ie. gear shifting and the noice of the cars, from wrc 4 and put it onto wrc 5 it would be a very good game. The cars rev to high even after adjusting the ratios and they dont sound as real as in wrc4.
Good points though are u can adjust the speed of the pacenotes, play around more with setup and privateer cars
unless uve played online then ou havent played the real wrc evolved.

ive got an addiction.

yeah more stages needed, looks okay, not as real as burnsy, but seriously its more of an online game
how do i set it up for online game, i know its a stupid question i just dont know cheers for any info?????
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