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There is an interview on wrc.com with Gareth McHale but it can't be accessed without registering first!
Why did wrc.com change this, before tou could aaccess all the news page articles!:mad::dunno::mad:

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I know, I thought is was a rubbish site anyway, I suppose the rubbish site goes with the rubbish coverage of Mexico,

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You can register for WRC.com without paying for it. That is what I have done

The interview from WRC.com

Exclusive Interview - Gareth MacHale

Ireland's Gareth MacHale surprised a lot of fans last weekend with his solid driving performance in the Corona Rally México with his sixth place finish above Marcus Gronholm, Mikko Hirvonen, Xavier Pons, and Chris Atkinson. MacHale explains to wrc.com what his plans are for the remainder of the season, discusses the upcoming FIA World Rally Championship candidate event Rally Ireland, and gives us a little insight into the Irish rallying heritage.

First off, we want to congratulate you on your performance in Mexico, it was excellent...

Gareth MacHale (GM): Thank you, it was truly an amazing experience.

Can you tell us a little about the Focus you ran in Mexico?

GM: The car is an '04-spec Focus from M-Sport, the same spec for the gravel stages in Ireland 2005 and for Toni Gardemeister last year in Mexico. It was the perfect set-up.

What was your initial reaction when you found out you were driving for points in Mexico last weekend?

GM: Well, it was sort of the game plan. About the likes of the contenders, they really have to go for the win at each rally. My goal this year was to go for the finish at the rally, to get valuable experience and then go from there, because you have to have the experience. So the lads going off and having their problems played right into my hands, because I went there with the intention of just hoping to get in the top ten, maybe get one WRC point with eighth. But to come home with three points is something I never would have thought would happen, especially this early in my career...my second WRC event, it's just been a whirlwind ride.

Ireland's Rising Star - Gareth MacHale

You were originally scheduled to compete in four more events this year. Is that still the case?

GM: We're looking at doing Catalunya as our next event, and then Italy, Germany, Finland and Rally GB. And, we might do Rally Argentina, but we don't know yet. Definitely Catalunya is the next event after Rally Ireland.

Tell us a little about Rally Ireland.

GM: It's a cross border initiative by both the Northern Ireland Events Company and the Republic of Ireland. It's based in Sligo, in the southern Republic, with stages on Saturday around Enniskillen in the north and stages on Sunday around Sligo. And we have WRC drivers coming over, Daniel Carlsson is coming over with the Mitsubishi, and we also have Subaru works driver Chris Atkinson coming over in a Group N Impreza. All the Irish front-runners in both Group N and WRC are there, so its a good, strong entry. It should be a good event.

How important is it for the WRC to have Ireland on the calendar?

GM: I consider Ireland the second best championship in the world to the WRC...per Capita we have more WRC cars than any other country in the world, and the fan base here is amazing, there's a big contingency of fans here country-wide. There is a great loyalty they have to the sport. Our roads here are very unique, they're the sort of tarmac roads you don't have anywhere else, over the mountains and with the bumps and so-forth. If it does get into the WRC, which I hope it will, it will be very challenging for the WRC teams and drivers.

Do you picture Carlsson as your biggest challenge this weekend?

GM: I think Daniel, yes, will obviously be - he is a very professional driver. He is going to be a major threat at any rally he goes to do. Eugene Donnelly, Eamonn Boland, Andrew Nesbitt - any of those drivers can win the rally, and they're definitely a big threat, we're definitely going for the win, but we can only do our best.

You've done some testing already. How did that go?

GM: Testing will actually be done tomorrow. The car was tested on tarmac the week before we went away to Mexico, should be OK. We already have a test done so, everything is done with the car so far.

One last question and we can let you go ...what are your plans for the future?

GM: (laughs) The plan for this year is to try and get into the WRC full time. We can only set the goals event by event, this year that's the way it's going on. We have our budget to do this year, and hopefully we'll get a good result and keep going on the way we've been going on. Hopefully, we'll extend our program, but its sort of down to how we'll get down this year. But my main goal is to become a professional rally driver in the WRC.

I think you might just do that...

GM: Hopefully, its nice to have other people saying that, but its always been my goal for as long as I can remember. I have grown up around rallying with my father, that's all I wanted to do, I just want to give it my best shot.

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you only pay for wrc+ the premium stuff like in car footage live splits of rallies etc.......... the other is just a free 2 sec registration.
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