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wrc 5

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is there any development or release date for wrc 5:dunno:
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it will be out at the end of september of october.
game looks great. 40 cars included. pug 205 t16, renault 5 maxi and then some private cars like stohl's citroen and ekstroms red bull skoda.

HI it isnt all wheel to wheel racing or can u go through a stage urself like the old games??????????

Really hope not.
there is an "arcade" mode which is like rallycross with about 6 cars on the stage at once. it will probably be ignored.

but, yes, of course, there is the proper stages. you can go through it on your own. a new feature will be that there will be broken down cars at the side of the road and you pass them out on your way along the stage and there will also be falling rocks, forest fires and floods.

also dogs and kangaroos can interupt the stages.

s1600 cars, wrc cars, concept cars and extreme cars will all be included but the gpn cars will be gone and will be replaced by historic cars (including the Quattro S1, Renault 5 Maxi Turbo, 205 T16, Delta S4 and Lancia 037).

the stages still seem quite short, and some a little too short. there may not be many either. probably 6 max per rally.

the handling has been vastly inproved and so has the co-driver. he also sometimes says rather amusing comments and his tone changes if you get airborne..etc.

if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask :)
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How do you know so much about the game?

Release date?
ive played it (about 3 months ago now) testing it and its brill
i really played online but its the same for offline

cars wreacked by the side of teh road co-drivers and drivers fighting fires, lighting bring down poles etc very good...
on teh online you can have the same as wrc4 but they also have a rallycross part against 3 other cars.

all and all very good game
spin doc, i am having some discussion on another forum and there is a lot of talk about the game so i have picked up a lot of info.

release date is supposedly some time at the end of october.
would be good if they could sort the dodgy handling and either give a better codriver or let us do a 'Galli' when he gets a note wrong :laugh:
lol. the handling is supposedly improved and by looking at one of the videos on a french website, i have to agree. and it also makes it looks like there is more sense of speed when your trundling down the stage.

the co-driver appears to be improved too but my french is very limited so i'll have to see a clip from the english version first.
Wat good websites are there so i could have a look at the game?????
jeuxvideo.com is a french website that has videos of it. i think the website name might have been changed though so it mightn't work.
thats all i know. theres a wrc5 championship starting when the game comes out and its very popular so if yee want a link and feel like joining let me know and i'll get yous sussed out.
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