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Wrc 07/08

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I saw earlier today the FIA's plan to run only 9 rallys in the 07 season and from then on run the championship over two years!

-wonder where that puts rally ireland?

The season apparently would run from August to May - sounds like a load of shi*e to me

- just looks like the FIA are not content with ruining f1 - they now want rallying to follow it :mad::mad:
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i dunno whats happening with the wrc? but its starting to fustrate me alittle with all these new brain waves that some [email protected] (who should have retired years ago) is coming up with...
i mean lets be honest its a spectacular sport so there is little that can be done to improve it accept make it easier for the public to follow and the keep the manufacturers costs down, rite now im more confused about the future of the wrc than paddy in a bar with no beer,
and next year there will be less works teams,

why cant they bring back a simple formula of about 8 rounds with cars that resembled the grp a machines and improve the tv coverage
the cars need to be brought back a peg for sure and a simple 10 round championship as you say shamrocket.....
where will rally ireland fit in, if it goes ahead?
If they do lessen the no. of rounds, what about a drop out system like the national championship??
If they do cut the no: of rounds then this could be better for the sport. That way they can use the events that are not being run one year to vary the championship the next year and so forth. Rotating the rounds you might say!
I think it would be good to rotate rounds, keep a core that doesnt change- Monte, Sweden, Finland, and possibly U.K, Auz or NZ, the classic events. Rotate the other rounds, WRC a year and PWRC and JWRC the next, allows more variation/ interest. We can sneer at circuit races but rally stages on the WRC vary little from year to year and are drivers are getting very familiar with some of the roads

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Originally posted by rallyireland
- just looks like the FIA are not content with ruining f1 - they now want rallying to follow it :mad::mad:
That is so true. Look at how the Irish Tarmac Championship is thriving. Its more exciting than the WRC. Different Winners, not just Loeb, More Cars etc etc etc. Am I right in saying that Ireland has the most WRC Cars in the world?
Paul i would say your not too far off the truth! Would be interesting to know who does for sure!!?? And by how many WRCS they lead by??
Yeah...anyone know how many WRCs in Ireland??

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i made a quick list one day and theres over 50.
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