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WRC-05 or what ever its called

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Anyone got this yet and is it any good. I hated the feel of WRC 04 so did not buy it.
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I ordered it off Play.com. Had its release date set for today but I checked this morning and I see it has changed to next Friday

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is this wrc rally evolved? seen it on amazon for £25
8 cars on track at the one time it states.
does it contain normal stage rallying like before on it?
8 cars at one time if we wanted that we would buy a racing game and not a rally game
thats for the online mode only not single player.
but ive heard that sometimes in rally mode if a car breaks down you can catch them and have to overtake them... now that is cool.
guys, 3 stages per rally.....:(

graphically, its not great. its got an annoying co-driver. ask me any q's if you want. i'll see what i can do.
yep. ops2 mag had a demo with it on it in their latest mag. dunno if its still about though.
yeah i always thought that overtaking etc would be good.
check eason's in oconnell street. were are u living?
Im back up home again in Derry you see, just have a wee break from work so im up home again!!!!
oh, well then i cant help you im afraid. ive only passed through derry. never been there.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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