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Win yourself a Rally Model

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From next year I will be starting to do some selected Irish Rally models.

Plans are to do 4wd cars and MK2's and this is where you come in.

If you are on an event and see a model you would like to be done then please take pics of the car in full which includes close up front, sides, rear and top or whatever decals are on the car and send me the pics.

If the pics are good enough and decals can be made from them and a model is produced then you will receive a free model from myself

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Any interest in older cars? Have a few good pictures of Finlays Sunbeam.......
Dont forget this offer still stands if a model is brought out
Last year I asked the members on here what Rally cars they would like to see done as models.

If people took good close up pics and a model was worth making they would get a free one for their help like Colin Hay's son Stephen did for my McRae MK2.

Well I have made this up with the help of Jason Lepley who will get this one for free for all his help in taking pictures of his car from the 2005 RAC Rally

Let me know what yas think

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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