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its very simple - the motor clubs have to treat people well.

Marshals should get a token gesture on a single day event - like tickets to the evening prize giving and a free hot meal. Accomodation should also be made available to the marshals at a reduced rate in whatever hotel the prize giving is held. This would be very easy to organise, and cost the respective motor clubs very little as the hotel in question would offer reduced rates when block booking rooms. That would turn the marshal day out into a true social occasion, with overnight stays, subsidised by the motor club fraternity.

Run this on to events like Donegal and the circuit, and ye have the recipe for bringing back the camadary into rallying which has been sadly missing for the last 10 years. The rallies will return to being the social occasions they once were, old friends meeting up again through a common love of motorsport. The rallies would be manned by people who have a desire to be there, and who feel appreciated for doing so. The whole standard of running rallies would increase again, simply because people are doing what they love, and finally getting appreciation for it.

Thats all it would take. And to put such operations in place would actually put very little financial strain on motor clubs. What are we talking - £10 for a hot meal and a table at the prize giving. More people at the prize giving - better craic for all.

Ray L, in summary, make events a social occasion for the marshal, as well as the competitor. Each needs the other, and if one is missing, the other will not be there.
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