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Why The '06 C'ships gonna be dull....

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...The Genie will have a more modern car and in a '99 car he's beaten the best in the British Isles. Every other rally he threatens 'em.

Should be fun to watch though! I'll still be going to Galway & Donegal
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Dull my arse.....
the genie hasnt had it all his own way this year.new car or not he will be challenged,do you think mcnulty and nesbitt are going to be going slower or something next year??
what bob2 is saying is that if donnelly can win all these rallies in the corolla imagine what he will do next year in a newer car.
he will be quicker,but he will still be challenged and probably beaten.you have to admit he was fierce lucky this year!but he also drove some brilliant rallies as well

im not taking anything away from eugene hes top class,

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he was also pretty unlucky on the circuit. also he had the accident during shakedown for the jcmr. to win galway,donegal and ulster is pretty special in a 6 year old car. nesbitt seems to be overdriving this year and delboy has had his problems
have any of you guys actually watched donnelys corolla going this year ?? it is by far the fastest car out there on pure engine power,yes eugene is a great driver but i think people tend to put the car down when it is without question one of the best cars in ireland.yes the bodyshell is 6 years old,nothing else in it is !!put eugene in afocus or subaru and he will not go any faster,maybe slower !!
yeah fair enough the car has been developed by wevers and mcgeehan. these are amateur teams. donnellys car is by no means as quick as an s9 s10 or 03 focus. these are work cars developed by works teams. i know a fair bit about the corolla and its definitely not up to the standard of what delboy,mcnulty,nesbitt,mchale have. its miles off
davi I dont understand your post.....if the corolla is a mile off the rest how has it just about won the championship!!!!!
he is an unbelievable driver who gets every ounce out of the car in order to win

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Davi ask any leading drivers in international or national champ about the donnellys corollas they will tell u the car has massive torque and is borderline as quick..

Didnt Eugene say he taught that finally subaru had come up with the S10 which is quicker than his car?? But not the S9

Doesnt that say enuf !!!
the s9 is a wrc winner. if your trying to tell me that donnelys 6 year old corolla is better than an s9 you have to be mistaken
Originally posted by davi
the s9 is a wrc winner. if your trying to tell me that donnelys 6 year old corolla is better than an s9 you have to be mistaken


dont agree but sure thats what a forum is all about
bet you johny milliner wishes he had stayed in his corolla value for money they just can not be beaten and he had a few decent off trying to go just as hard as he was able to go in corolla
Davi do you watch any of the rallies either on tv on out on the stages because I think you are missing something that everyone else is seeing!!
ste0411 how many irish rallies have you been to this year?

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Wevers & McGeehan can plug in all the fancy dampers they want, but you cannot say that the 99 Corolla has transmission or engine technology comparable to the newer cars.

The point I was trying to make was that Donnelly is so good that his older car is is handicapping him. Given a newer car that suits him, he'll leap ahead of the rest of em.

People forget the Corolla was way ahead of it's time. Why, because M-sport, Prodrive etc have budgets to work to.

TTE had no budget, hugh resources and the best of personnel. Prodrive etc dont sell pure works car, were as Eugenes car was as rallied in wrc, all the frills, maps etc.

This is the same reason that the Zsara is so dominant in wrc form, maybe the oldest car their, but Citroen resources is huge.

Another factor, is the mindset, Eugenes car does not stand him half the cost of the subarus etc, so he can afford to be on the handles, and by god he does, look at Miggins a 3 year old car, but he drives the door handles off it, becouse he can afford to without worrying too much.

2 my cent
Don't think next year will be that boring. Boland seems to like the Focus and Tim certainly has the pace if he can be more consistent. Also Lynch proved he can live with Andy, Eugene and Del. What I would love, seeing the state the brc will be in next year, would be to see Higgy and Matt over here next year. What a Championship that would be.
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