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Who will win The Ulster

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Well folks, since the entry list is out for The Ulster, who do you think is going to sit on the top step come the Saturday evening?
It is a fantastic top 10, and probably the best entry this year so far.
No doubt Higgins will be hard to beat, but I'm fairly sure one of the Irish boys will win.
I would love to see Peadar Hurson win, but with the older car, I think finishing inside the top 3 would be a massive result for him.
However, with the race on for the Championship, Derek and Eugene will give us some entertainment, and the winner will be between them.
I'll stick my neck on the line and opt for Derek as he has got an unbelievable car which has not performed to it's full potential this year and will no doubt be sorted for the Ulster.
Looking foward to a great rally, and good luck to all the competitors.
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Eugene will preform his usual best but without over doing it,he can well afford to finish behind Nesbitt and Higgins his rally is to stay in front of Derek.

But you never know what trouble lies ahead for every one
Eugene will drive for points rather than a win. If he can be ahead or just behind Dereck he will have got the championship in the bag. Higgins will be tough to beat but Nesbitt will have nothing to lose by going for his usual stormer. So Higgins or Nesbitt with Dereck and Eugene close behind. McNulty also might be in the hunt.
lads dont mean to burst bubbles and i would love to see an irish guy win just as much as the next lad but its clearly obvious that higgins to sooooooooooooo gonna win... like i know manx is home ground an all... but like ya still have to drive an he can drive the absolute dogs genatailia out o that focus...

1. Higgins
2. Nesbitt or donnolly
3. McGarrity (mabey) S10 not a good car unfortunatly
Higgins will do it

Look back 12 months and that'll give u an idea wot he/the focus can do
Mcgarrity to win
There will be only 1 winner and that will be Higgins...........
The only thing stopping higgins from winning this event is if he retires,
The ulster will be a good event this years theres some impressive cars headin to it
wrong ste0411 ther will be three overall winners on ulster . higgins will win the int. and there will also be a winner of the nat. rally and there will be a winner of the historics and these two victors will earn their trophies every bit as much as higgins and furthermore neither of them will be as much a foregone conclusion as higgins.
Is there any book availble for the ulster also should this not be written in the Northern Ireland Events ?????????????????????????????????
My money is on Nesbitt!
Nesbitt or Higgins for the win... Eugene will be there to pick up the pieces but hopefully he will push them all the way!!
Originally posted by ste0411
There will be only 1 winner and that will be Higgins...........
that's a first, me & you agreeing on something
jj hasnt a clue, believe me, donnelly is the man, mcgarrity has the best prodrive can give him and he still cant drive it, higgins is quick but not quick enough this year for the donnelly roller coaster:p
Donnelly will drive for points, win the championship in Ulster, then go to Cork to do what should have happened last year-Win Cork as a season cherry on top of the icing and show them all what we know-he is the best.

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1. Higgins
2. Nesbitt
3. McGarrity

I think Higgins and Nesbitt could be extremely tight. I'd say theres a very big chance of Andy parking the whole show in a field if Higgy gets into the lead.
obvoiusly sainz wrc is blind and did not see the times mc garrity was doing in donegal in the s10 that "he cannot drive ".this was in donnelys back yard and mc garrity would have walked this rally without car reliability issues,the jim clark was the same !eugene is a fantastic driver but to say the luck is running with him would be a very large understatement !!
mc garrity has been quicker than donnely everywhere this year except galway,if they could ever get the s10 to work properly he would have been away with the championship again !!
I definately agree with jimbob. 100%. I have been saying it all year. Come on Derek
I hope eugene will win:laugh: but nesbitt and higgins will be hard to stop but this being irish rallying you never know what might happen:eek::caution:
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