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who was your rally hero

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just wondering lads who was your boyhood rally hero when you were growing up? i think back over the last 15-18 years rallying and we have seen some amazing drivers come and go, My favourites were Frank Meagher,Kenny McKinstry,Stephen Finlay and Bertie Fisher, who was your boyhood heros just like to know who other lads looked up to as a child??
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Frank Meagher for both the way he drove always 100% and his modest and amiable personality, sadly missed RIP Frank.
For me it has to be Bertie Fisher. Even though i only seen him once in 1999 he was one of the truely greatest drivers we had
On the National C/ship front the heros for me would have been Winston Henry(Mk2), Bertie Law(Chevette HSR), Dougie Hoare(Ascona400), Demi Fizgerald(Chevette HSR), James Doherty(Chevette HSR), John Coyne(Lotus Sunbeam).....Int'l heros were Billy Coleman(Manta & 6R4 era), Bertie Fisher(Manta), Austin MacHale(Manta & BMW era) then the foreigners would include Pentti Arikkula(Chevette), Russell Brookes(Sunbeam & Manta), John Price(R5 Turbo2), Walter Rohl(Audi Quattro), Tony Pond(TR7, Chevette HSR, Metro 6R4)

:cool: oh the memorys:)
Colin Mcrae and Billy coleman are my all time heroes. i couldnt choose between the two of them......It was from watching Billy Coleman that my uncle got hooked on rallying and started competing himself,back in the early 70's. The sport has been a big part of our family ever since and I am only the latest member to have a go..So thanks Billy!
Kenny Mc Kinstry & Robbie Philpot
Billy Coleman all time favourite in the MK11 then the Stratos, John Coyne in the Lotus Sunbeam, and Manta 400, Rosemary Smith in the Lotus Sunbeam. Noel Smith in the Porsche 911, John Price in the Purple Porsche 911, the McCarthey brothers in the matching HSR's, Dessie in the Porsche. Ger Buckley in the MK11,Chevette HSR. Eamon Cotter in the MK1, McHale in the HSR, Bertie in the MK11 and John Taylor in the MK11 in Galway in 78 in the Snow. I could go on for hours.
Roger Clark when I was a lad-even had a red rally jacket with Ford and Shell motifs on it. Then it was Billy Coleman. Russell Brooks, Ari, Hannu, hated anyone who drove for Lancia or Fiat, hated Swedes & Tony Pond. The it was Austin in the 80s, then was away from rallying for a good while-living in England for 11 years got back t speacting early 98-Bertie-no one dor a while after he died and now Eugene, Jim H, Breen is cool too.
fisher-mchale and then nesbitt
would have to be bertie fisher at irish level followed closely by frank meagher
at world level colin mcrae and juha kankkunen
all above are true rally legends;:)
Got his coat that he used in finland 1996!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:
all ok - I have visions of you scullying about lanarkshire at night emptying the bins

What's his credit card number - go on, tell us

What did he have for dinner last night?

Is it true he waxes his legs?

You can tell us - we'll not shop ye to the police.
now i'm showing my youngness, McRae on the world scene and Fisher here in Irland are mine
Kankkunen (tho never saw him) and mcrae

then finlay :cool:
Mostly Fisher but also McRae, Finlay, Nesbitt
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