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Who said single seater hillclimb cars were boring

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I wonder could you get whatever that is into a Mk11!!
Turn the sound up

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That would be nice up molls gap:laugh::laugh:
sounds almost like a 6r4 engine... hahahaha.. But i tell you that car is awesome.. WRC car would be pushed to crack times set by it!
Just got the full DVD of this and other On-board stuff from the following:-


I'll maybe include a taste of it in the video footage at the start the ANICC Awards in January. If you think this is spectacular, you should see the same guy doing Mont Ventoux. There is also footage of a WRC Corolla doing Trento hillclimb in Itally, it takes a staggering 12 minutes to complete the climb, which passes through three villages on the way !!

The car is a French built Norma sports racing car powered by a 3 litre 6 cylinder BMW race engine.

The makers obviously came from the Datsun school of car naming :)
if ye could get an escort goin like that. that wud be the ticket. would sound well goin thru a forest
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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