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who dissapointed u in 05

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whot driver/copilot pissed u of in 05? mayb becuz they were just crap/ they kept crashin when doin well/ had their heads up their @rses/ lacked commitment/ didnt get on with othr drivers/ made the crappest excuses for bein [email protected]/ any other reason?

no slagggin here, just comments
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shud say mine was nesbitt for crashin when doin well
Nesbitt is the obvious one and McNulty at the beginning of the season after the way he went in Cork 04 although he rectified that with his performances later on in the year. Harrison had a bit of a stinker in 05 as well and Colm Murphy's season kind of evaporated.

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Well now in fairness ya cant blame McNulty for not having a good start. It was a completely new car he bought and the suspension took a while to get sorted cause of the different settings on the S10 to the S9 suspension. Should be on the pace next season
colm did start well but ended with an anticlimax pity

also the 1's who didnt enter rounds of championships after they weree decided

cathal arthurs started ok 2
pat condon navigator for taking our craic away
Limerick MC

For many reasons, which are for the most part too libelous to go into in detail here, they would only be opinon, but their rally right from publication of the list of who they wanted to do the rally, to the drivers briefing to the execution of the event and the stewards debacle afterwards.

Niall Mc Shea for staying on the sidelines, maybe I dont understand the complexities- but surely he could have done more rallies?

David Higgins was a bit of a moaner this year.

real and true remember:kiss:

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nothing really but a few entry lists over the year seemed to be poor on certain events but wouldn't complain about it all the same overall a good year :D
Mc Nulty. Easy for him win Cork when the championship was all but decided . Galway 06 will see how good he really is but for me I have my reservations about him.
how can you have reservations about tim, there are alot of drivers out there still waiting for there first international win!!! 2nd overall to eugene need i say more
Niall McGuire was quite disappointing this year I thought.
He just didn't have the pace of the others.................
it was pointed out to me in the middle of the year that niall in the past allways had a better car that everybody else in the championship but now everybody has caught up and passed him so now he can no longer can compete with the cars on a more level playing feild
niall is that bit older now too!
he's still not around with the pension book yet
Niall is quick but in fairness he wrecked the car twice in 2004 so bad in the stonethrowers that he had to buy a new car after it to do galway summer rally in, i say he just doesnt committ as hard as he used to because it was costing a fortune every time he wrecked it, i was dissopointed he wasnt up there this year
true!!! saw him beside atlantic drive this year spectating!! he knows how to enjoy himself!
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