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Hello there.

I'm currently rallying a 106 Cup car in Scotland and our team is wanting to come over mid '06 to compete on a multi-venue tar rally, maybe more depending on the costs.

Does anyone know how much Ferry is? and i'd be looking at spending no more than £400 on the entry fee.

what about the license? can i use my stage rally nat b license as i do over here? and also are there any different regulations ?

so, which rally should i do????

also there must be lots of beer and Crack.......


· Alan Dalton
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Where do you start, ferries prices vary depending when you come best to check the internet. Stg400 will get you an entry up to national level where you can use your B license. As regards regulations yes they are different, in regards to seat belts must be 3" all around and per FIA 98 rules, seats need to be FIA approved and per 99 rules and be less then 5 years old. Helmets must have a red BS kite mark and all roll cage padding around the head area must be Fia approved. Extingushers must be over 5 litres with 3/4 litre of that plumbed in. Coming from Scotland, Cavan/ Monaghan rallies would be good choices, or Donegal Harvest or even the Easter stages. keep an eye www.rally.ie for dates and regs.
As for beer, there is plenty of it, if you can handle it.
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