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where can i get a cheap easy free email?

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do you know as im having a bit of trouble with my hotmail at the minute
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you can get a gmail account for nothing and its has a much larger capacity than a hotmail account ... you do need to be invited though ...
outlook xpress is on most comps from the factory but mabi yours dosent???
Gmail is very good - set up well and as someone has mentioned - totally huge!!! 2500MB - u want an invite???? u2u me and i will send you one
thanks for all the help i now have an email called [email protected]
anyone fancies a gmail account i have a pile of invites and am only too happy to distribute. u2u me for the craic
Originally posted by ral.ly

You should have e-mail with your website hosting account?

Will give you a shout soon,


what day would suit you
ral.ly when would it suit you i understand that you are working flat out. Could you give us a ring
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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