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Where are they now?

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The Francois Delacour thread gave me an idea for a 'WATN' one. I'll start.

Phillipe Bugalski - Citroen Xsara
Jesus Puras - Citroen Xsara
Miki Biaision - Lancia S4 & Delta Integrale
Martin Rowe - Renault Megane & Subaru Gp. N
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kenneth erikkson
Dider auriol
Thomas Radstrom
Pierio Liatti
Alister Mcrae
And My all time favourite-
Juha Kankkunen
I see that Tommi Makinen has opened a Rally Preperation and Rallyschool...http://www.tommimakinen.com/
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Caution: double chest over flat rump. :p
into big cup:laugh:
martin rowe is doing rallies in japan think he's leading the championship as well.. he also does driver tuition.. dont know any thing bout any of the rest though..
Bugalski is still a Citroen Test Driver, he's been testing 2006 spec Xsara's that will run with mechanical diff's etc, next year. He will also be involved in the development programme for the C4 for 2007.

he has been doing European Rallycross events in a Hyundai WRC
Biasion is sitting on his Olive farm and doing the odd rally raid in trucks.

Kankunnen is at home farming, drinking vodka (like all Finns) and buying up old cars he drove for his collection.

Ari Vattanen is an M.E.P
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