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i think the dates in 2006 are the same as 2005.

Ye start off with January 1, then January 2, and so on, day by day, month by month until December 31.

Besides, I have seen diaries for sale with all of 2006 dates in them, and if I'm not mistaken 2006 dates can also be found in calendars.

So go mad big lad.

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Here's the dates for next year

STAGE RALLY Pacenotes Championship

18 February North Armagh
18 March PMC/BADMC
20 May Magherafelt
10 June Newry
05 August Maiden City
09 September Enniskillen
30 September Omagh
04 November Mid Antrim


06 May Mid Antrim
13 July Ballynahinch
29 July Magherafelt
19 August Cookstown
23 September Maiden City
14 October Enniskillen
21 October Rathfriland
18 November Newry

These are provisional dates
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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