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probably a few more wee ones that i have forgotten about but thats about all the rallies i have been to and a lot more non rally events

New Year Stages 22nd Jan

Lough Neagh Stages 10th July

Eurocables Rally 19th Feb

Lark in the Park 16th July

Aghadowey Rally 26th Feb

Titanic Rally Sprint 27th Feb

Malcolm Wilson Stages Rally 5th Mar

Mayo Stages 13th Mar

Circuit of Ireland Rally 26th Mar

Easter Stages Rally 26th Mar

Lurgan Park Rally 13th Aug

Loughside Quarry TT 2nd Apr

Banagher Rally TT 27th Aug

Killarney International Rally 30th Apr

Ulster Rally 3rd Sept

Lakeland Stages 10th Sept

BallyPatrick Stages 28th May

Bushwacker Rally 24th Sept

Aghadowey Rally 4th june

Loughside Quarry TT 8th Oct

Rally Ireland 15th Oct

Donegal International Rally 17th June

Alltrack Rallysport 22nd Nov

Down Rally 26th Nov

Monaghan Forestry Stages 3rd July

Alltrak Rally 17th Dec

Highs - killarney for the 1st in me life what and event

Lows - Circuit of Ireland

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Not sure if I can remember everything but here goes...

Monte Carlo (spectated)
Germany (worked)
Rally GB (worked)
Catalunya (worked)

Red Kite (worked)
Wydean (worked)
Rallye Sunseeker (worked)
Border Counties (worked)
Rally of Wales (worked)
Manx National (worked)
Pirelli International (worked)
Mutiny (worked)
RSAC Scottish International (worked)
Jim Clark (worked)
Swansea Bay (worked)
Ulster International (worked)
Park Systems (worked)
Bulldog (worked)

Kirkistown (spectated)
Galway International (worked)
Mayo Stages (worked)
Circuit of Ireland (worked)
Donegal (worked)
Cavan Stages (worked)
Lurgan Park (worked)

Highs - Monte Carlo, Catalunya, Germany, Sunseeker, Manx National, Swansea Bay, Donegal, Pirelli

Lows - Rally GB

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Galway Int--ran very well
Mayo--ran very well
Circuit of ireland--good action but ran poorely
Sligo--ran fairly well
RallyIreland--ran behind time but ok considereing it was the first year

thats all im afraid. deffo going to more next year!!!

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Been to too many !!!! Think at last count it was 34 and still one to do.
Highlight would have to be seeing McRae in the Escort on the McRae Stages.
Low would be being at big a accident on Solway Coast.

Roll on next Year these free weekends are pineapple

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1. New Year Stages
2. Sligo Single Stage
3. GMW Stages
4. Eurocables Stages
5. Storm Xccessories Aghadowey Stages Rally
6. Titanic Rallysprint
7. Bishopscourt Rally
8. PHP Kilbroney Stages Rally
9. Mayo Stages
10. The Quality Hotels West Cork Rally
11. The Circuit Of Ireland Rally
12. Circuit Of Kerry
13. Spring Rally
14. The Circuit Of Wicklow Forest Rally
15. Monaghan Stages Rally
16. Killarney Rally Of Lakes
17. Carlow Rally
18. The Tour Of Sperrins
19. MG Car Club's Autotest At Mount Stewart
20. Ballypatrick Stages
21. Cavan Stages
22. Mourne Stages
23. Shell Donegal International Rally
24. Ravens Rock Rally
25. Monaghan Forest Rally
26. Lough Neagh Stages
27. Bishopscourt Clubmans Stages
28. Lurgan Park
29. Banagher Time Trail
30. Ulster International Rally
31. Lakeland Stages
33. Clare Stages
34. Bushwecker Stages
35. Cork 20 Rally
36. Fastnet Rally
37. The Glens Of Antrim Rally
38. Gullion Stages
40. Killarney Historic's Rally

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Galway international - spetator
Sweden WRC- spectator
West cork- navigated for Keith cronin in the 106,dnf
circuit of Ireland- spectator
circuit of kerry- made my driving debut, and finished
Rally of the lakes- spectated on the saturday and drove the junior rally, only got 5 miles into molls gap.
Mark 2 challenge- spectator
circuit of munster- driving. clutch went on stage 2
Ravens rock- navigator in the historics. 6th in the saab
Stonethrowers- drove in the juniors. finished but fcuked the engine
Cork forestry- marshalled for skibereen club
Cork 20- navigator for historics. finished 6 th in the saab
Fastnet- had to pull my entry at sign on. was pissed off so went servicing for my mates
Banna beach- Driving, finished 3rd in class 10
Historic lakes- Navigated again. broke a drive near the end while in 6th.

My low point has to be the fastnet. the 2nd stage was starting outside my door and the car gave up on the morning of the recce.
High points were Banna, winning my first trophy. and getting a spin with Dom Buckley when he was testing Flemings Focus on the Healy Pass back in march

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Galway International
Rally of the lakes
Circuit of munster
Clare stages
Cork 20

the least amount of rallies i have been to in years

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1.Galway - Navigating for JP Ruth - 1st in class
2. Birr Stages - Spectating
3. Carrick Forestry - Marshalling
4. Mayo Stages - Navigating for JP Ruth - Brken Engine Mounting
5. Killarney - Navigating for JP Ruth Crashed on the Shanera Stage
6. Carlow Stages - Navigating for my father - Retired at end of first stage engine problems
7. Ravens Rock - Navigating for my father, 8th in class 10
8. Stonethrowers - Navigating for my father - 8th or 9th in class 10
9. Ulster Rally - Navigating for JP Ruth, broken ball joint on first Saturday morning stage
10. Carrick Single Stage - Navigating for my father, 6th in class 10
11. Cork 20 - Spectating. Was supposed to be navigating for Billy Hayes in a Pug 306 but he injured himself the week before the rally!!!

High points were every single minute of Galway from recce to prizegiving!!! Other highs were our second run over Molls Gap in Killarney, Ballaghbema, Gortnagene and Spectator Stages & Night Stages in Ulster with JP, last stage of Ravens Rock and all of Carrick Single Stage with my father, 1000% commitment from the lads on these stages!!!!
Lows were the crash in Killarney but most devestating of all was the broken ball joint in Ulster!!!!!

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1. Circuit of Ireland - spectated
2. Rally of the Lakes - spectated
3. Donegal International Rally - spectated
4. Stonethrowers - spectated
5. Cork 20 - spectated
6. Rally Ireland - spectated
7. GSMC Mimi Stage - marshalled

Probably will get to the same amount again in 06! :mad:

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Rallies Navigated on this year

kilbroney Stages
Circuit National
Lark in the Park
Davagh Sunset
Ulster National
Harvest Stages
Co Down Rally

Timekeeper on the

Easter Stages and Intenational Circuit on the Sat
Tour of the Speerins

Best moment winning the Class on the Home Rally the Donegal International and doing the Ulster 2nd in Class

Worst moment retiring on the 2nd stage on both the Harvest and A.L.M.C and geeting soaked standing holding an OK Board , :mad:

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Galway international rally 1st in class
birr multi stage spectating
Carrick forestry was servicing for keith power
Mayo stages minor off later followed by broke engine mount
Killarney rally of the lakes crashed on shanera
Carlow stages was spectating
Ravens Rock was servicing for pierce doheny
stonethrowers blew the engine
Ulster rally the balljoint broke with out reason
Carrick single stage was servicing for pierce doheny
baltinglass multi stage was selling rally bits in service
The high of the year was crossing the finish line of the last stage in galway it was a unreal feeling or the night stages in ulster i have had so many lows this year its hard to pick just one i think ulster was heart breaking as was the stonethrowers but thats rallying i guess

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Spectated/took fotos at the following
Connacht Single Stage
Galway Int
Birr Mini Stages
Carrick Forestry
Tipp Forestry
MEC Forestry
Rally of Wales
Carlow Stages/Mk2 Challenge
Tipp Single Stage
Ravens Rock
Cork 20

plus various Rallycross, Rallysprints, Trackdays, Racemeetings, Auto Tests and Autograss events

Helped out at the IRCA Marshals Day & TDC Retro Rally

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Galway Int.,
Circuit Of Ireland,
Donegal Int.,
Rally Ireland,
Cavan Quarry rallys,
Oldcastle Quarry rallys.
Rally School Ireland.

Highlight - Rally School Ireland and Donegal
Low point - Circuit of Ireland!!!!!!!

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long list....spectated on
sligo single stage
galway int
donegal int,was supposed to sit but d boy his hand 2 days b4 it
walesrally gb

helped in birr forest and midland night nav

navigated in
birr junior
mayo national
cavan national
limerick national
jim clark
cork 20

best....4th oa in castle
worst...jim clark and what happened on rally gb

hopefully more in 2006!!

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