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What muppet put the camera in Eugene's Corolla

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What muppet put the camera in Eugene\'s Corolla

Just watched RPM tonight-the Ulster Rally. Was wondering if any thought goes into the 'in car' camera placment. In the Corolla the mirror was in the way and all you could see was hedges wizzing by. All the other 'in car' cameras were fine so did any thought go into placing the camera in the car or was it just put in and be dammed. Excellent in car footage lost-Shame on you RPM

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lol said it also during the program looked like it was only day 2 but ya micro cam tut tut better job next time
The gap to pass Higgins on the road was so small very surprised Eugene went for it.He barely made it through.Iheard he was held up for long time before this so needed to get by for Tim was closing in on him.
Higgins crash was amazing
Maybe go and you put a camera in a Corolla and see can you put it in a better place???

Micro Cam didnt design the TTE roll cage,

and as regards Muppets working for Micro Cam, I think the Angry Chef had a job with them once driving a van but he left to pursue opportunities in Hollywood???

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In previous installations in the Kingspan Corolla the view out the window is fine so it has got nothing to do with the TTE cage-its got to do with lack of attention to detail on behalf of the muppet who installed the camera-it may as well have not been in the car for all you could see.
i agree with you rubywax, charlie donnellys in-car cam and glenn allens are spot on and great to watch both in corollas, eugenes in-car for the ulster was poor although the driving was brilliant..
Just watched the rally again on the DVD and the only time you can see the road out of the car is when it is airborne. Also watched the Jim Clark and the view out of the car is perfect so it is deffo not the TTE cage.
and just now colin mcrees car the camera was too high you couldent see teh road trees only

and thats the wrc!!!!!
Who cares about Colin McRae-not particularly interested in what can be seen out the front of his screen-Another bleedin Muppet.
Bleedin muppet an all an anyways wrekin me buzz! bleedin culchies whaa?

Story an anyways.

Always with the critical of RPM:mad:
rubywax you sound alot like a muppet fair play to the drivers that carry the camras thanks to their good will we have them in the cars and get to see some great footage.so its boo hoo to you
Oh go away and think about what you have just said. The issue is not about the wonderful drivers who carry cameras, it about the idiot who ruined the Donnely in car camera footage by not using his loaf and removing the rear view mirror so the road ahead was visible. Are we clear now.
you can remove the mirrior it is put there for a pourpose to aid you when your driving now in a rally car it may only be used on road sections if you were ever in a modern day rally car you would know that space is tight in them so its not every where you can mount a camara.but sure why dont ring charlie from microcam and whinge to him hes the muppet your refering to i have his number if you want it
Its OK-I was talking to him about it and he already got slagged off by me-I am just getting milage out of it.

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why?.i wouldnt like some one slagging off my company in the public domain like that
Oh dear-some people can take a slagging, so no need to get upset on his behalf.
Im upset on his behalf!

and as for an interpreter, I was speaking to you not at you, thought you would understand, never mind, appologies on my behalf.

Maybe no rear view mirror was why Charlie was stopped yesterday?

You would wonder why Micro Cam bother, along with everyone else in rallying with the slagging they get from people on ditches and certain forum pages

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