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Wevers for Cork 20 and bad seedings

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Saw a few lads from Holland on the Cork entry list. Is Wevers definitely coming this time does anyone know? Should be interesting to see his pace as his car is absolutely identical to E.D's. (as far as I know Wevers supplied E.D. with his Toyota - can anyone confirm???)

Also, how have they got the seedings so badly messed up lower down the field? 3 quick Class N3 boys in the 60's who'll all finish early 20's most likely!!! As usual money talks

Is it time for a national ranking system? there's around 3,000 rally licenses issued bu M.I. each year - wouldn't take too much effort me thinks.

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a rankin system would be very interestin indeed and it would stire a few people's noses aswel. it would be good for seeding purposes
Ya they will still probably finish in the twenty's in the international part of the rally but there are some really quick national boys that are quicker than them so they have to be seeded ahead them on a safety issue....
I don't know what you mean by will he turn up this time, as far as I know Wevers has never entered an Irish rally before. Tsjoen entered the lakes but he had a damn good excuse for not coming, not that he needed one. One of the rally winners could easily come from these three visitors. As the Irish wrc representation is now a little thin on the ground. I think a lot of that has to do with the timing of rally Ireland.
Well spotted PJ, Meegan was 22nd o/a after being seeded 64th. He only had 2 national rally drivers ahead of him - and only about a dozen retirements from ahead of his position over the 2 days. He didn't get held up at all, but the road was in poor condition for the first runs through. There were plenty of lads seeded well ahead of him who finished well behind him, same with Cumiskey, Nangle, McSweeney (great run), and Wilson (surely coleman award winner 2005). Is bad seeding retarding the chances of less expensive machinery finishing up the order overall??
Jason Mc Sweeney and Peter Wilson were seeded on pervious results.
I know both Jason and Peter very well, both are quick in Jasons case he has a lot of DNF, In Peters case only first time in GP N.
In both instances both seedings can be forgiven as can the others, I did not see anyone getting held up, ok I seen a few people getting close but that happens.
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