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Final results for the West Cork Rally

O/A Car No Driver Co-Driver Make Time

1 3 Melvyn Evans Sean Mullaly Impreza WRC 02:14:17
2 5 Donal O`Donovan Sean Moroney Celica ST 205 02:14:53
3 16 John Dalton Gwynfor Jones Darrian T90 02:16:51
4 12 John Ingram Ian Allsop Focus WRC 02:17:07
5 14 George Cullen Jakes Kelly Impreza WRC 02:17:08
6 10 Kevin Kelleher Martin Kelleher Evo 9 02:18:15
7 19 Mark Morgan Tony Fisher Evo 8 02:20:31
8 31 Gwyndaf Evans David Jones Escort 02:21:20
9 21 Kieran O'Callaghan Hugh Giles Evo 5 02:21:30
10 33 Wesley Patterson Llinos Jones Escort RS 02:22:09
11 25 Tadhg Linehan Mark Kane Impreza N11 02:22:24
12 29 Washington James Geoff Forster Darrian T90 02:22:33
13 23 Kevin O'Donoghue Joe O'Leary Escort MkII 02:24:24
14 22 Peter Lloyd Martin Henry Impreza WRC 02:25:46
15 44 Mark Nangle Sean Flanagan Impreza N 10 02:27:43
16 54 Sebastien Stacpoole John Shiels Evo 6 02:28:11
17 38 Conor Curley Gerard Callaghan Escort 02:28:11
18 48 Tim O'Donovan Sean Hayde Corolla 02:29:08
19 53 David Randles John Young Almera 02:29:52
20 89 Vincent Bennett Denis O'Donovan Escort G3 02:30:44
21 79 Jason McSweeney Michael O'Farrell Civic 02:31:17
22 63 Liam Davis davies Kelleher Escort 02:31:20
23 78 John Sinclair Finbar Fogarty Starlet 02:31:27
24 83 Danny McGinley Ruth Guest Escort MkII 02:31:58
25 99 John Buttimer Declan Buttimer Impreza 02:32:28
26 60 John Quin Alice Quin Chevette 02:33:00
27 66 Danny McEvoy Michael Mullane Escort 02:34:00
28 42 Martin Daly Deirdre Daly Escort RS 02:34:34
29 73 Niall Guinevan Leslie Stanley 206 02:34:41
30 95 David Parle Pat Gowen Civic 02:35:10
31 77 Peter O'Neill Niall O'Sullivan Escort MkII 02:35:29
32 93 Steve Roberts David Carr Escort 02:35:37
33 158 Emmet Callan Paul Callan 106 02:35:37
34 157 John Danaher Patrick Naughton Escort MkII 02:35:37
35 90 Jerry O'Mahony Willie Buchanan Escort 02:35:41
36 113 Keith McMullan Damien Ryan Uno 02:35:56
37 110 Martin McGrath Dorothy McGrath Starlet 02:35:58
38 67 Colin A Rowe David Booty 131 Sport 02:36:56
39 76 Liam Cooper Denis Delaney Escort 02:37:15
40 131 Declan Grogan Rachel Kennedy Civic 02:38:03
41 97 Russell Hale Donald Hale Megane 02:38:41
42 121 Thomas Fitzmaurice Keith McCarthy Escort Cosworth 02:38:42
43 118 Billy Hayes John Rafter 306 GTI 02:40:03
44 115 DD Murphy John Murphy Escort 02:40:19
45 129 Noel Quinn Donnacha O Brien 106 02:40:25
46 149 John Spillane Sean Hurley 106 02:40:43
47 134 Martin Quirke John Hurley Sunbeam 02:41:11
48 82 Brian Davies Hu Kent Corolla 02:41:56
49 61 Tony Murphy Brid Murphy Corolla 02:42:07
50 94 Stephen Clery Darragh O'Callaghan 206 02:42:58
51 142 John Burke Nollaige Breen Corolla 02:43:11
52 50 Philip Cross Brian Doherty Escort 02:43:31
53 64 Conor Cavanagh James Jordan Escort MkII 02:45:04
54 106 Gary Evans Aled Jones Escort 02:45:23
55 130 Dean Williams Stuart Powell Polo 02:45:51
56 159 Sean Cullinane Derek Tobin Colt 02:46:44
57 156 John Bagge Ron Mackey Starlet 02:46:53
58 139 Anthony Whelton Joanne Murphy Escort MkII 02:48:50
59 128 John McCarthy Fergus Harrington 306 02:49:59
60 125 Victor Beamish Susan Beamish Corsa 02:50:02
61 124 Shay Byrne John Delaney Sunbeam 02:50:07
62 144 Brian O'Mahony Lisa Gallwey 106 02:51:21
63 135 Willie Sinnot Wayne Hayes 205 02:51:51
64 146 Brian Wilson Carol Keane Nova 02:51:56
65 140 Don Giles Keith Smith Fiesta 02:52:40
66 143 Tom Dunne Christine O'Leary 106 02:52:54
67 160 Vincent Twohig Ger Fehily Legacy 02:53:27
68 153 Stephen Sheehan Paul Sheehan Sunbeam 02:53:53
69 166 Ciaran Casey Paul Reck Sunbeam 02:54:37
70 132 Philip Giles Aoife Buttimer Corolla 02:57:27
71 138 Brian D. Vance Ciaran McNamara Corolla 03:00:24
72 117 Gwyn Townsend Richard Barnes Sunbeam 03:00:32
73 120 Keith Ryan Leon Jordan 206 03:09:13
74 127 Roland Lawrence Richard Kay Escort RS 03:10:10
75 62 Brendan Dennehy Dominic O'Connor Sunbeam 03:11:06
76 70 Walter Dick Paul Fitzgerald Escort MkII 03:18:06

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Quality Hotels West Cork Rally 2006 Press Release 7

Day two of the Quality Hotels West Cork Rally dawned brighter and milder than the previous day, and the drama started almost immediately. Phil Collins went off the road early on Stage 9, Inchybridge, and out of the rally from 6th place. Melvyn Evans set fastest time on Stage 9 and John Dalton closed the gap to Donal O’Donovan from 20 to 16 seconds in the battle for second place. Kevin Kelleher the Gp N leader overnight began to have turbo troubles and this was to blow on the following Stage 10, Dunworley, and he was overtaken by Michael Barrable who moved into fourth place.

Steve Fleck who was seventh overnight and who had been sixth after Phil Collins accident was another to fall victim to the West Cork roads as he crashed heavily on Stage 10. Kevin Kellehers turbo had to be changed in service after this stage and he dropped to 6th. Jon Ingram and George Cullen by now really speeding up and were having their own private battle for fifth place and John Dalton had to settle for third as Barrable turned on the heat in Dunworley.

There was little change on the leaderboard by the end of the first loop of stages with the exception of Nigel Hicklin & Diarmuid Falvey who retired from 9th place in the Donnelly Motorsport Corolla WRC with gear linkage problems. Gwyndaf Evans was thrilling the crowds as he brought his MK2 Escort into the top 10.

Melvyn Evans and Michael Barrable repeated their respective fastest times on Inchybridge and Dunworley as Dalton began to lose ground on Donal O’Donovan and fall closer to the clutches of an extremely hard charging Barrable. Kevin Kelleher had his turbo repaired but was now having brake and clutch problems and was having to ease back, but still had almost two minutes in hand over 2nd placed Mark Morgan in the Gp N battle.

As the crowds got bigger and the weather got finer, most drivers eased back in a bid to get to the finish, but not so Barrable who took three consecutive fastest times to bring the gap between him self and O’Donovan to 25 seconds. However a puncture stopped his progress on the final stage and he withdrew when they had problems with jacking up the car. This made life much easier for Melvyn Evans and Donal O’Donovan who finished just 35 seconds apart after two hard days rallying.

John Dalton began to feel the pressure as Ingram and Cullen closed in, but he managed to hold onto 3rd place just 18 seconds ahead of Ingram who in turn was only 2 seconds ahead of George Cullen in 5th place. Kevin & Martin Kelleher nursed their ailing Lancer home in 6th as the head gasket also began to fail to add to their car woes. However they managed to hold off Mark Morgan who was 7th and second in Gp N. Gwyndaf Evans won class 13 and was 8th overall while Kieran O’Callaghan and Wesley Patterson rounded off the top ten.

A large crowd gathered at the finish ramp to welcome the winners Melvyn Evans and Sean Mullally, both of whom are winning the event for the second time. Melvyn won the event in 2002 while Sean partnered Kenny McKinstry to victory in the 2003 rally.

Once again the Quality Hotels West Cork Rally was a great success, while Cork Motor Club received a major boost with the announcement by Mr. David Henry General Manager of the Quality Hotel and Leisure Centre Clonakilty that Quality Hotels are to sponsor the event for the next two years. This is great news for the club as the Hotel has proved to be an outstanding & popular rally headquarters for the past number of years.

Kevin O’Driscoll
Press & Media Officer
Tel: 00 353 86 2866 256
Email: [email protected]

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Originally posted by solberg2004
was george cullen driving the ex lynch S9 (S90 WRT) If so has he bought the car?
Not sure what he was driving at the weekend, i heard he had bought Lynchs tarmac car.

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CMV Productions should have a video / dvd out shortly give Bernard a ring on 087-7924406 and he'll let you know when it will be sorted.

On the limit sports should be showing it on tv3 on sat 29th april and repeated on the monday night 1st may

Fergus McAnallen
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What is it with the TV stations, oh yeah lets slap West Cork on during a weekend of one of the busiest rallies of the year....like everyone is gonna be in their house watching that night :dunno:

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Originally posted by anihel
CMV Productions should have a video / dvd out shortly give Bernard a ring on 087-7924406 and he'll let you know when it will be sorted.

On the limit sports should be showing it on tv3 on sat 29th april and repeated on the monday night 1st may
Since OTLS Is starting back on Men & Motors here in the uk again, will this programme of the west cork be featured on that?

Would love to see it,
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