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Questions to the Chairman of the May 12 World Rally Championship Commission meeting, Morrie Chandler.

Q. Have you been elected President of the WRC Commission?
A. “No, however I will continue as Acting Chairman of these meetings and will present our proposals to the World Motor Sport Council in July. Our plan is to set a very clear direction for the future of the Championship in the next few months.”

Q. What is the situation regarding the calendar for 2007 and the 2007/2008 winter Championship?

A. “The WMSC will take the final decision on this matter but we reaffirmed the earlier proposal that the 2007 Championship should run from January to May 2007 and that the 2008 WRC should commence in August 2007 and conclude in May 2008. A number of ideas were put forward during the meeting and all of the marketing, promotional, financial and logistical considerations were taken into account. Proposals for the calendars for 2007 and 2007/08 will be finalised by the WRC Commission when it reconvenes in June.”

Q. What was the Commission’s view of the candidate events?

A. “The level of interest in potential Championship participation is very positive. Of the six candidate events only three have run to date. We have received dossiers on each event and they will all be assessed in the same manner as the current rallies and our recommendations presented to the World Motor Sport Council. This is another reason we have to meet again in June, when all six candidates will have run. We have agreed a process for managing applications based on set critera, which will be used as a basis for the management of candidate events.”

We will just have to wait another while to see what decision will be....
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