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Wanted: navigator for Golden Tulip

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Hi all,

Desperately need navigator for Golden Tulip in Holland next week. Leaving Tuesday 13th morning return Monday 19th night. Must have full driving license and be able to get time off. No contribution required - just feed yourself.

Will White - Saxo VTS
086 - 8165440
[email protected]

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Had to go with cap in hand to old navigator. He's delighted to go, just off organising time off work - so nothing is gauranteed yet. Still would talk to anyone interested.
What kind of Cap? Was it a tweed cap like John Wayne wore in "The Quiet Man" did you start your request with "Begging your pardon Sir"

Im sure the "old" navigator will be confidence filled if he reads this that you have put in a public domain "Still would talk to anyone interested" and realises that you will still dump him if someone else will travel with you.

How rude and dis respectfull (in my opinion)

A radiator cap actually. Thanks for your comments........
Well done will
nice one
saw martin on the entry list
try giving him a ring

Originally posted by WillWhite
A radiator cap actually.
Pity as a tweed cap would have had more dramtic effect?

How is Mr White doing?

Did he get a co driver?

Did the cast off second choice see this and or go?

I hope they get a clean finish at least after all the planning and preperation.
he went missing of the results after stage 13 was 50th o/a with a chap called denis barnet sitting with him
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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