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As mentioned in another post RPM is apparently being axed by UTV - as reported by sunday world today

At least all those slaggin it off will be happy now:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

What the hell R UTV at?:mad::mad:

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Ah sure us southerns won't have a problem-Glorious RTE-even if they are a month or a year behind showing events.

Perhaps On the limit or TV 3 will take over the mantle of the Tarmac Championship.
Hopefully we will still get it on Motors TV but I used to get RPM on Tara TV when that was on

UTV ya pineapples
Ive got RTE but you've forgotten who won the rally before they've managed to show it!
So UTV have cut it and cut till there's nothing left and now they drop it well up yours UTV your a waste of space.......
Why don't we all email utv and let them know what we think about them axing RPM? Maybe if there's enough outcry they might reconsider
Not that it will do any good but there are about 2000 members on this forum so the link is:


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Imo when BBC NI covered the NI championship, they done a relatively good job for a firm who hadn't covered rallies in Ireland properly for over twenty years. They had a few good innovative ideas that have either been copied since or not copied at all. One of the ideas was a familiar face talking his way through and commenting on footage, Bertie Fisher being one when they covered the Lakelands.
I sent this to UTV


I have heard with dismay that UTV is axing RPM..
I would like to know who is repnsible for this totally stupid decision...I am not rreally suprised though as this programme has been chopped more and more and is also always late with the rubbish in front of it (usually football)running late.
Well I do hope that some common sense returns and is RPM programme is not only retained but given the 1 hour slot it deserves...

Yours disappointly

Mr S Shaw
Originally posted by rubywax
Ah sure us southerns won't have a problem-Glorious RTE-even if they are a month or a year behind showing events.

Perhaps On the limit or TV 3 will take over the mantle of the Tarmac Championship.
Thats not the attitude to have- not everyone can get those stations.

This is bad news if its true:barf:
You are at it again aren't you Stropsrotom
Ok sorry its a good attitude to gloat and be devisive
As usual I have to explain it to you as you are wildly missing the point.

There is clearly dry humor in the post-my remark about Glorious RTE and being a month or a year behind-that's hardly gloating is it.

And I think the word you are looking for is:divisive, meaning to spread disunity-

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UTV is the only why people who win there class to show there sponsorship off on camera I sent an angry one lol:mad::mad::mad::mad:
Considering the level of interest in Rallying and motorsport in general in this country it is a bit of a silly move. It is hardly a minority sport now is it. I can leave football alone completley, but if rallying is on then chances are I will watch it.
Rallying is in on the crest of a wave at the moment with the ITC being one of the premier national championships in the world. With the WRC by Rally Ireland gathering pace rallying in Ireland could reach unbelieveable new levels.

Now seems like a perfect time for UTV to drop RPM's fine coverage of one of the countries top spectator sport.

I just can't wait to see what dung UTV think will draw bigger audiences in its stead.
Probably more bloody football crap!!!!!!!
i think you all know how much i love RPM and im shocked to here this...

dam muppets, but i do have a feeling plum wont be giving up that easy..
At the end of the circuit of Ireland one year I asked Plum would there be any chance of showing more than the top ten cars, his response was to laugh and say yes they would but it would cost them (any cars wanting to be featured). It seems the loyalty is to money rather than rallying, unfortunately. There is a real gap in the market here for a company that would give the coverage that all competitors and spectators deserve, RPM fell very short here anyway.
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