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There is going to be a football match on the 11th December between Donegal Motor Club and Maiden City Motor CLub with the venue to be confirmed,but will be either in Derry or Letterkenny. And we would like to invite the following to the event to play in either team.

Eugene Donnelly
Paul Kiely
Andrew Nesbitt
Niall McShea
Gary Jennings
Derek McGarrity

My contact is [email protected] and would like maybe if these people could please contact me or someone could get me a contact.

All are welcome to this event, as there will be a collection for the local hospice on the day. Will update on venue in near future!!!

Thanks in Advance

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i think if you stated why you'd be interested in the numbers it may help ya or even put yer No here with a reason and ask them to contact you as i know some of them browse here or their family members would i am sure
Make it a big pitch this time John not a 5 aside so Curley can controal the thing , I can get you a venue if you need ????

Let is know John
Were lookin at the big pitch in Derry at the moment.
How do going to pick the pick the rest of your team,hope they are better than that 5 a side that played last year.;)
You get in contact with either Rory Kennedy/Joe Dolan for Donegal Or Connor Curley or Myself for the Maiden City Team. It will be hopefully on 10 a-side large astroturf pitch in Magee, Derry, but really not sure!!!

Members nominate themselves to play!!!!

Any word on the people above??????????

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why not contact the people directly and ask them to play? donegal motor club has contact numbers for all of these
Why Magee,get them dirty on a full pitch and let the sliding tackles begin.
Sure we had a injury last time on the other pitch, naw problem with the pitch is that the weather on the day could be shit and then you cant play on the grass.

But hoping next year to get a big tornament with all the motor clubs in ulster in Letterkenny on grass in a league and knowck out thing so should be intresting.

Many be intrested do you think?????

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Sounds great,there will definetly be intrest in that.
Just found out that i am playing football else where on 11th of dec other wise would loved to have gone in to match. S...t that anyway
Watch out Bairds about;);)

Curley better have good guards I milled him last year
lets hope the drivers dont like football too much as footballs are about £10 and well rally cars cost thousands!:p
The crac was super last time, we had the place packed out adn then tea and sandwiches after it, so turned out to be a super day and raised over £1000 for the local hospices, so would encourage everyone to come out and support this!!
Football match confirmed for Letterkennys Bunagee pitch at 1.30 on Sunday the 11th.:):):)
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