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update for marshals day

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Entries have continued to flow in for Marshal’s Day headed by Nialll McShea driving Kevin Barrett’s S8, Eugene Donnelly, Ray Breen, and Gareth McHale will also offer their championship winning cars for the day.

A list of the confirmed drivers will be published later today, if you are not on this list and intend going please call one of the numbers below today for confirmation.

Any navigators wishing to help out on the day should also confirm with numbers below, there is plenty to do.

Entry to the pit area is for rally and service vehicles only, all other access is by foot only. There is no admission fee but we would urge all coming to make a donation to the collectors for the Temple Street Hospital Fund.

Over 100 marshals will be treated to the thrills of rallying next weekend in a tribute to their contribution to our sport. All marshals should, were possible, bring along a helmet. The FCA time is now brought forward to 11.00 am to take advantage of the limited daylight so driver’s briefing will be 10.30.
Any queries call
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What time can spectators get in?
Here is a list of the drivers that will be driving on the day. This looks like a very exciting day fun . :laugh::cool:

List of Drivers
Pierce Handrick Corsa
Thomas Carolan Ford Escort MKII
Ger Nesson Escort Mk4
Joe Stanley 205
Michael Carbin 106
Paul Purtill Escort Mk11
Jonathan McHale Nova
Donal Molloy Honda Civic
Paddy Farrell Toyota Corolla
Paul Dempsey Toyota Corolla
Columba Heena Toyota Corolla
John Ward Toyota Corolla
Ger Cullen Peugeot 206 GTI
Cathal McGlone Toyota Corolla
Barry Goodman Honda Civic
Paul Callan Honda Civic
Kieran O Connell Opel Corsa
John Quinn Peugeot 106 Maxi
Eamon Barrett TBD
Mick O Brien TBD
Richard Moffet Nova
Brendan McAree 106
Vincent McAcree 106
Ollie McPhillips Ford Puma S1600
Micky Cooper Subaru
John O Connor Jnr Manta
Brian Lawlor Escort Mk11
Maurice Moffet Starlet
Brian O Mahony Ford Puma S1600
Adain Walsh Escort Mk11
Mick Moloney Escort Mk11
Padraig Price G3 Escort
Dave Fitzgerald Alfa
Declan McKeown BMW
James Cassidy Ford Escort MKII
Nigel McGinn Escort Mk11
Damien Campbell Vauxhall Astra
Padraig Neville Honda Civic
Simon Gillespie Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6
Paraic Cummins Ford Escort G4
David James Ford Escort
Walter Walshe Subaru Impreza WRX
Padraig Egan Ford Escort MKII
Johnny Murphy Ford Escort
Pat Shortall Ford Escort MKII
Diney Burke MKII
Niall O Connell Subaru
Peter McCullagh Evo
Fergal Allen M3
Justin Dunne Evo
Anthony O'Halloran Manta
Fergus McKeown BMW
Dessis Kennan 206
Patsy Carberry Escort Cosworth
Johnny O Leary Evo
Adrian McElvaney Subaru
Ray Breen Focus
Graham Quinn Evo 6
Kenny McKinstry Subaru S8
Niall McGuire Subaru S8
Kevin Barrett Subaru S8
Ian Barrett Evo 8
James Foley Evo 9
Niall McShea Subaru S8
John McGaffin Subaru
Pat Norris Subaru
Eddie Garry Subaru
Emily O Mahony Subaru
Willie Fannin Subaru
Aarron McHale Evo
Garreth McHale Corolla WRC
George Tracey Metro 6R4
Eugene Donnelly Corolla WRC
Barry Coleman Subaru
Colm Murphy Subaru
Thomas J Graham Subaru
Denis Dixon Evo 8
Kevin McCarthy Evo 8
Philip Sheridan Civic
David Roe Civic
William Cavanagh Ford Escort MKI
Nicholas Cahil Vauxhall Astra
Naill Brennan Honda Civic
David Whitty Ford Escort MKII
Peter Wilson TBD
Liam Bowhan Toyota Corolla
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