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Ulster rally-Yabba dabba doo.

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Got my programme in the post and my sandwitches are made. Just have to make the tae and I'm on the road. Yabba dabba do-Roll on Donnelly.
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I am only posting this bit so I hit 200 posts. Jaz, you think I had better things to do.
i have an exam
Stuff school, repeat the exam. Life is too short not to see the Genie in action. I am calling in sick for work.
My mate's stag is tonight but I'm going to try and make it up to Armagh tomorrow.
I hope to leave Cavan at 5 tomorrow morning to see the mighty Genie :laugh::laugh:
it is a repeat:p
Rally dosen't start on the stages till 4:30, Sure you could do the exam and still make it.

"Remember in an exam hall no one can hear you scream"

Best of luck-what subject by the way?
Remember, school days are the best days of your life. I don't know whoever said that first but its rubbish.
motor vehicle science
And you had to do a repeat? Motor vehicle science: Cars have wheels and they go vroom-how hard is that.

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Home now, had a great day, lots of crack and even got a Works Pirelli baseball cap-very chuffed-off to the cot now-it all a bit much.
Who is Ian Barret. Is he something to Kevin?
What time is this on the TV ta nite and what station ?:dunno:
did anyone catch Solberg in Armagh over the weekend?
He went OTL

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