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I see looking at the entry list for the rally, that there are only 24 entrants for the international section!! This surely supports the fact that the championship needed radical change. What does everyone think? The british championship should be a representation of the talent throughout the united kingdom and perhaps a stage for young drivers to show exactly what they can do. It just goes to show how detached the brc has become from the rallying community when an international rally in the heart of britain can only attract 24 entrants.

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Well went to the event and stayed at the showground as we couldnt be bothered going backwards and forwards.

Spent a load on models, blew up the Pirelli Stobart simulater (the generator ran out petrol really, but I can say I popped a WRC Focus lol)

Got soaked, had a quick chat to Mr Perez about some business (not the sort)

One of the Pirelli girls said to someone behind me "would you like a balloon?" to which the guy replied "yes please".

The Pirelli girl said I was asking the little boy behind you to which there was a bit of laughter from people around.
He got one afterwards though
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