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I was just wondering what is the history behind Tommy Graham's Subaru Impreza WRC (X19-SRT)....:cool::cool:

I did notice the car in Motorsport News for sale a few times, advertised by Dominic McNeill MotorSport, nice machine....:D:D..


· Fergus McAnallen
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Originally posted by Clan
Ex Tim McNulty and ex Derek McGarity, the first S7 to enter Ireland first used in Punchestown many years ago. First appeared in Ireland in 2002.
Hmm would want to check up on that one. Didn't Eamonn Boland use the baby blue X7 SRT on the Circuit of Ireland in 2002? That was an S7 and that would've been before Punchestown?

· Alan Dalton
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You are indeed correct, X7 SRT was the first S7 in ireland in Eamons hands in 2002 on the COI, X19 SRT appeared on the Lakes rally in 2002. X7 SRT first appeared in Ireland at Punchestown in 2001 in Richard Burns hands as a works car. My Mistake.

· David Cummins
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History of X19 SRT:

2001: Markko Martin- San Remo Rally- Retired.

2002: Derek Mc Garrity- Rally of the lakes- 5th
Ulster Rally- Retired.

2003: Bought by Tim Mcnulty and converted to RHD.

2005: Sold to Tommy Graham.
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