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Timmy's New 2006 Car....Official Test Pics

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Over the Mountain top in Cooley

Being Interviewed by 'Plum' at the Tarmac Awards

Timmy with Prodrive Crew!

The New TIMMY! posters are set to outdo the Donnelly Posters

One Unsuspecting Marshall stood out on the Road when Timmy was coming
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Classic, but I always thought this was Timmy

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Champion Driver trying out 2006 Threads

guess who:p (this is fun!)
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Donnelly and Kieley

[Edited on 5-12-2005 by Tropsrotom]
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didnt timmy take performance inhancing drugs in the past ?:p
I heard from my friends next door neighbours, vets wifes schoolteachers milkmans brothers lovers taxi drivers AA sponsors pharmacist that Tim once came in and bought some cough medicine which he was going to mix with asprin and red bull.

I think thats very performance enhancing?
not wise:laugh:

must see what drive shafts hes running:laugh:
I heard our Tim was showing off his artistic capabilities recently

Gold Star 10/10

Don't forget that there was a good Donegal man behind Tim all the way!!

[Edited on 6-12-2005 by dillylacey]
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Buckleys are Scottish Dylan!!!
I meant my fellow Donegal man Eugene who sits with Tim.:cool:
Oh aye he is some man too, knows a lot about nuts!:)
maybe thats why he kept Mc Nut on the road:laugh:

if there was a rallying X factor show...............would McNulty be Chico?
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