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yeah agree with ciara, ballynahinch, it has a very good line up of officals, marshalls, drivers and co drivers....

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May be biased, but here goes
Eugene Donnelly
Charlie Donnelly
Kieran Shaw
Brian McCloskey
Glenn Allen
Seamus Donnelly
Johnny McKenna
John McGlaughlin
Eoin McErlean
Derek McGeehan
Stan Heron
Philip Shaw
John Keatley
Gregory Shaw
Drew Stewart
Brian Muldoon
Chick Keenan
Martin Downey
Charlie Beatty
Kevin Bradley
Matt & Barney
Tommy McDonald
Father McIlroy
Stephen Cleary
Sean McBride
Kieran Graffin
James Wylie
Martin Collins
Niall Convery
Stephen McFerran
Rodney McKnight
Greg McCormack
Marty McCormack
Camillus Bradley
Barry McKenna
The Sheriff
Conor McCloskey
Seamus McCusker

Crawford Henderson
Danny O'Neill
Paddy Toner
Damien Duffin
Ryan O'Connor
Eugene O'Kane
Eddie Dugan
Sean Magee
Mark McErlean

Theres more but thats all i can remember of the top of my head and most of them would be near the top of their class on any event

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matt mitchell
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Originally posted by John
Magherafelt, 2 times Current Tarmac Champion oh and Barney Mitchell.

ah barney the magherafelt safe driver (4 times):laugh:
and that's without parking senors:p

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just had a quick scan over that list bolty,
think theres 17 overall rally winners in that list!!
how the hell do you get the staff to run the club rallys with so many dirbers and co-drivers?

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Originally posted by abe1234
Originally posted by CiaraC
Sorry about that. Some smart pineapple in work used my PC. This thread may start a row after all... :mad:
break there legs ciara dont kill them :laugh:
would that be murder or man slaughter

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Originally posted by Luis Moya
Magherafelt is the best by Far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luis What did the team bosses in TTE say to ya when ya threw the helmet the through the window of the corolla in the network Q rally a few years back were they happy with that??:dunno::dunno:
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