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The STIG - on Top Gear

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Its Colin McRae....... for sure.. :)
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i reckon it's Tiff, he has a lot of history with Top Gear, i'd say it's him or else it's an ex F1 guy, Herbert or someone like that. The way he drives sometimes tho you'd think it was McRae, Stig's a legend.
what does stig mean is it blomquoist because he perfected left foot braking?
Stig is, or used to be, Perry McCarthy, ex part-time F1 pilot. Have heard it is now somebody else, if so, who?

thats right noel - the stig was origionaly perry mccarthy -he even had a book with perry mccarthy (the stig) on the front cover!

They supposedly changed the driver but its prob still him, I think tiff is contracted to channel 5 and fifth gear now - last episode i saw the were slagging top gears track so I doubt it if hes the stig!
He's a development driver from Lotus. I used to work with him at Millbrook test. Nice fella. Demon pilot.
one thing is for certain he has a class job.
I presume he does a couple of practise laps in everything before his timed lap ..

Wouldn't mind that job alright !!!
There's more than 1 Stig. Russ Swift has done it a few times
Originally posted by ST0RM
Its Colin McRae....... for sure.. :)
what are you basing that on?!
the Stig changes, Mc Carthy was sacked cuz he couldnt shut his mouth that he was it.

Hekki Kovalinen has done it a few times, notably in the Reno F1 car.

Normally its Ben Collins, he is an ex stock car ASCAR, pick up truck racer type fella, he has appeared without the mask in top gear, once in the EVO rally car racing the skateboarder down a mucky hill (cuz someone left the stig gear back in the office) and also the week where they played football with the 10 Toyota Aygos.

This has been much debated and argued on several circuit racing forums.
i thought it was mcrae aswell cause of his "reduced workload" and the fact he was wearing alpinestars gear
i thought it might possibly be mark higgins!!!
did any one see it on sunday nite,dont think ive ever seen an astra driven as hard:p
yes, an astra that can say its quicker than a ferrari, maserati and a lambo
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