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How do you mean the forum in general??

If so i joined caus of the crack that goes on,,,,not sorry i did.

If all the slagging stops it will get boring, and all will stop logging in

Just my opinon
Yep was a laugh then got a bit rough but you should not give stick if you cant take it
you hit the nail on the head MAD ARAB:idea:

i just like to hear the S**t that gets talked:p
Back when shep was a pup i know loads of boys who just joined for the stirring rallying is like all sports in need stirring it makes it interesting so if somebody beats you on a stage log on and wind them up it was a laugh on apon a time you wer afraid to log off in case u missed something before the computer police took it off
Poll results starting to speak for themselves,,

Give it day or so, could go either way
Its all "real and true now" homies.

But your right, its sound out when you can take a slagging as well as give it.

No one here is going to be a world champion, its a hobby after all.
yeah the craic was good but then the stories got outta hand and lads were being accused of all sorts of rubbish it is a hobby and a bit of craic after all no real point in taking it too seriously if you can give it ya have to be able to take it .....Fact!!!!!!!!!!!:cool:
Originally posted by Tropsrotom
No one here is going to be a world champion, its a hobby after all.
well said!! to many tite nuts ;)
LOL I joined up for a laugh myself and since about xmas time last yr it has been going downhill. Sure the craic was better than everyone now just gossipin about what car donnelly is going to have next year. Its stirring either way :D:D:D

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Well lads its bigger daddy here had to pick new name old one not allowed on da forum so i leave ya with this if the poll says ya miss the stirrin i will come back with AVEGENGANCE if not i will lurk in the shadows waiting to pounce for another while
:mad: o here goes, the wasters of this world show their ugly heads again :mad:

some people really have nothing better to do that stir sh1t :mad:

off course people will get offended, ok peole are intitled to their views but theres a limit :barf::mad::barf::mad:
is it that time of the month again for the heifer is it??? :laugh:
hope that made ur day bones

little amuses the pineapples :mad:
Originally posted by grp a cossie
is it that time of the month again for the heifer is it??? :laugh:
nope missed milkin tonight so the udder is about to burst

isnt the nicest of fellings
well sure we stick to democracey and let the poll do the talkin you silly moo:D
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