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Statistics - top forum posters (as of 18/10/05 - 4.35pm)

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Yeahhhhhh im in the top 10 for something waited all my live to be in the top ten for something thats J
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2477 posts-Waylander

Anything you dont like to talk about Waylander?:laugh::laugh:
jp uv never done a days work in ur life,thought ur name would b top of the list,uv always somethin to say bout everything
Thats more like it-YABBA DABBA DOO.

I think I need to get out more.

[Edited on 28-11-2005 by rubywax]
thats sad that i am even near the top 10, anyone fancy a few nights out as i need a life lol
Cue lots of drivel being posted in the race to be the winner.

Im off out illegal recceing topics to post so I can have an advantage before the ramp, shh dont tell anyone.

Postman Pat watch out!!!!:cool:
Easy to see the boyz that st on there hole all day :idea:
jealousey will get ya no where:p:p:p
indeed jp, least we have someting to show for sitting on our arses all day ;)

(lots of pointless and less usefull posts in here) lol
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now now, i have a comfortable cousin and warmth in the room to help against it ;) lol
we get paid for being here on this:p:p:p:p:p:p
rubywax Member 388
rossgamble1987 257
jp ruth 217
Tropsrotom 208
abe1234 185
gee 18
Clan 175
m.lowe 172
anto r 161
ste0411 159
waylanderwrc 157

AS of 29/11/05 21: 31 pm

[Edited on 30-11-2005 by ral.ly]
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anto r ?????? what the hell did i fec k up the spelling ?? :dunno::laugh:
I am getting close to 400-Like I said you would think I had betting things to do.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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