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This might be a silly question, but how come your standard sports shop does not sell any motorsport clothing?
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Cause its all overpriced and they probably wont take on Motorsport clothing because of this.

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Some sell the Ferrari Fila gear and I have seen BMW Williams stuff there too, but only sheep who dont know what they are wearing/promoting seem to buy the threads.

Rally stuff is too expensive and the mainstream market just musnt be there
Man U and Liverpool strips dont seem to be that cheap and they change them mid season or something:mad:
Man U??? Is that the new Kia???:p:p:p

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Originally posted by Ben
Man U??? Is that the new Kia???:p:p:p

Man U a Kia, No it is a new LADA
I hear a driver from Killnascully has just bought one of them new man u S1600s for next year, heard he was testing it on the m50 yesterday
sports shops only stock merchandise for crap sports. our sport is too good for them. besides it would take away some of the exclusivity by having every little chav wearing the mercandise of our sport
a lawnmower would go as fast on the m50!

(disaster of a motorway)

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Originally posted by tarmac timo
it would take away some of the exclusivity by having every little chav wearing the mercandise of our sport
I could challenge that point......and I'm not talking about Subaru merchandise either! :eek:
mmm my curiosity has been awoken, please elaborate team gibbons:eek:
Think Tarmac Champion, nice merchandise and all, but everyone and i mean everyone has a not-so-exclusive Donnelly jacket/shirt nowadays.
Yeah its the uniform now at rallies...........................
Hey Tropsrotom
I must have had a bang on the head cos we finally are agreeing on something. It seems every other person out on the stages is wearing Donnelly Gear-it is the shell suit of Irish rallying.

PS-I am back on my medication (private joke between me & Tropsrotom folks)

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Ears in Mallow stock that uniform there number s 022 42050
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