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Hi all,

I've begun doing hillcimbs in a 205 and ran out of my own wallet but now..well iam broke!

Just wondering, is their any particular way I should approach a company for sponsership? What kind of things should I put down in a proposal.

Any advice appreciated.

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defo get some photos (videos of teh day edit it and send it in to companys) tell them they sell (or be sneky and tell them they give a video) to every competater. also say you will give pics to them and say where you are getting on everyonce and a while say when and where you get into pappers etc

remember they want something in return photos videos reports etc

im not a competater yet but id say these are very good guildlines...
old sayin, NO MON, NO FUN

Sponsorship can help but, unfortunatly i dont think anyone in motorsport in this island is on a full payed drive, consintrate on picking your events and trying to get good results first before looking sponsorship, also try to give something back to the sponsor like taking members of staff out for a run in the car etc.
Sponsors like facts and figures, eg - how many people will see their name on your car? are hillclimb specators interested in buying their product? will you get any television coverage? newspaper coverage? You'll also have to persuade them that they'll get more value for their advertising budget by sponsoring you rather than taking an ad out in a local paper or radio station, so you need to know things like how much these types of ads cost, what's the readership/listenership, etc. Of course, you might be able to convince them that sponsoring you is a charitable act and they might get tax relief becasue of it!!! Only joking!
ok, thanks for the input guys
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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