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SOLD - MBE 9A9 Engine Management System

Full specification for this ECU is on SBD's website >>


The 9A9 is still the top-of-the-range model from MBE and very much supported by their primary UK distributor, SBD Motorport, who I'm sure you all know and love. This ECU has only done 4 days of engine dyno calibration work, plus about 300-400 road miles. At present it contains the map for my engine, but I can get this removed upon selling. EasiMap software for calibration work is freely downloadable from the SBD website.

It's in as-new condition and was supplied to me by SBD Motorsport with the option to drive "smart coils" or external ignition amplifiers + "dumb" coils. Incidentally, this is now the default option when buying an MBE 9A9.

Included with the ECU is the interface module to allow USB connection into the CAN bus for laptop connection (this in itself is another £120)

Note: The 9A9 is NOT capable of driving Direct Injection engines; there's another MBE model that does that.

Simon at SiLeck Motorsport built the wiring harness for this ECU, I'm sure he can also design and build a very nice (MIL spec if needed) loom for your application.

Some notes:

1) The unit is built to accept an inductive sensor for crank position (which is what 99% of people use anyway)
2) I have an inductive pick-up, as-new, that is available if required.
3) The cam position sensor can be either an inductive type (most likely) or a hall-effect; the ECU is less fussy about that, as it's only used for phase detection, unlike the crank position.
4) A connector kit isn't included in the sale but are either available directly from SBD or SiLeck would supply and build the connectors into a loom (obviously)

As you may be aware, these are currently retailing at £1,644 plus the cost of the CAN Bus interface module (£120)

Selling for £750 inc UK insured (mainland) shipping.

A fantastic opportunity to grab this ECU at less than half of the retail price for your winter project!! (It is currently on eBay, but at a higher price).

Please call me on +44 (0)7967 275404 to discuss.


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