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posting this for a mate

"Well a couple of things really;

If anyone knows whereabouts or info on a black Nissan Skyline gtst, registration L823 MGM, chassis number ECR33-014814 could they please contact me in some way…

This was the reg and details of what WAS my Skyline, but on Sat 18th March at 0315 three or four fella’s aged in their early twentys decided otherwise….

Basic outlay of the story was I was woken up by some talking and rumbling about outside my bedroom window, I looked out to see a couple of fellas looking round my dads car which is right below my window, I banged on the window and shouted at them… This startled them and one ran down the driveway but one stayed trying to get into my dad’s car and the other was hovering around the Skyline which was parked behind it… Needless to say I jumped outta bed grabbed a pair of trousers and shoes and went out to them to hopefully make them give up and take off in their getaway car (a Silver Vauxhall Vectra saloon), but one pulled his hood up and started comin towards me n told me to get back in the house, I was contemplating havin a go then I thot 1 against 3 or 4, best not… So just I was away in to phone the police to which one of the thifs said to “Go ahead, phone the police”…

On the phone to police giving details whilst goin in and shoutin to my dad that people are tryin to steal the cars, he jumped outta bed to get something on and at that stage I heard the Skyline starting up, I looked out my bedroom window to see them startin to push my dads car with the Skyline in a hurry and by the time I got back into the hall and was still talking to the police they had pushed my dads car down the driveway, along the wall scraping and tearin away the passenger side and by the time my dad got to the front door they were takin off up the road…

From where I live I could see the road they took and knew they headed towards the Ards shopping centre so presumably they were takin the backroads to Comber or Dundonald…. There was only about 15 miles of petrol in the car also, especially the way they were driving so it couldn’t have gone too far…

So if u get offered a cheap Skyline in any colour just think back to this and take note of the chassis number cause there was nothing really that stands out from the rest besides really stupid things like clear front indicators and corroded centre caps lol…

On another couple of warning notes to all of u… U may say everything is fine and I can just claim off the insurance… Well unfortunately mine has to be in a lock-up or locked garage… I thot id be smart n say to them it is normally locked up but I happened to be drivin it that nite n left it at mine but doesn’t matter whatsoever, it should have been in a locked garage….

The car has still not turned up to this point so the likelihood is that it is locked up somewhere waiting to be moved and stolen to order… Whats worse is that there was a fella from the south seein the car that nite (I didn’t meet him at my house before anyone starts thinking it was him, I know it wasn’t) and I had all the info on the car like the V5 and the MOT etc in the car and left it in the Skyline by accident cause I didn’t get home till 1230 n was half asleep… My phone also hasn’t stopped ringin about the car since I had it in the Autotrader last week… So any info anyone mite have towards finding out who or where the car could possibly have gone would be much appreciated and WILL BE KEPT IN CONFIDENCE, I can give u my word on that…

Also on another note ppl, I urge u to keep an eye out in ur neighbourhood as I was told by my da the next day the neighbour had seen a white Renault Kangoo van with black bumpers about the street between 12 and 2 the last couple of weeks parked up in different places… I also remember the same van in my street a couple of weeks ago durin the day with young fellas bout the same age seein me in a different car and getting their camera phones out to take photos… So they were obviously casin the joint…

Anyways ive rambled on enuf, ive had a harsh lesson, I hope my experience will show others to be more careful with cars and insurance with stupid things u think u can get away with… Sympathys r appreciated but its my tuff **** and I don’t need any Dear John letters…

Thanks, Gary"

if anyone can help please do and especially in the north down area as another mate nearly had his rally car stolen armo posted this on another forum

"Gary And Everyone. Dont Know If You Read My Earlier Post About Noticing A Vetra (possibly The Same Vectra As The Getaway Car Used For Garys Skyline) Hanging Around My Way Well Last Night Someone Was Round. About 2am This Morning I Was Heading To Bed When I Heard A Bit Of Noise Outside. Didnt Pay Any Attention As It Was Quite Windy. But It Got A Little Louder So I Got Up To Have A Look. Noticed A Couple Of Boys Leaving My Drivway And Getting Into A Peugeot 405 Estate. I Walked To The Door And Everything Seemed Ok, All The Cars Where In The Driveway. I Had Left My Rally Car Outside As It Wouldnt Start When I Went To Put It In The Garage Last Night. I Thought Nothing More Of It Until Heading To Work At 6 This Morning. The 405 Estate Was Sitting Through A Hedge And Hit A Tree But It Would Have Been Traveling The Direction Towards My House Not Away From It. I Think They Had Spotted The Rally Car And Had A Nosey Round It, Then Went To Get A Battery To Start It (i Took It Out To Charge,thats Why It Wouldnt Start!) But On Returning They Wrote Themselves Off! It Would Be Strage As Well That They Were Down My Road Twice In One Night, Its In The Middle Of Nowhere And There Are Only About 8 Houses On The Road And Mine Is The Only One With Any Sporty Cars Sitting Around It.
To Make The Story Even Stranger The Police Were Down This Morning (didtnt Tell Them About The Boys At The House, Didnt Want Them Snooping Around Either) Writting A Report About The 405. The Car Turned Out To Be A Ringer And Once The Police Left, It Was Set Alight. So The Boys Returned Quite Early This Morning In Daylight To Burn It Out, They Must Be Trying To Hide Something Else. So Beware Anyone In The Co. Down Area As Hopefully Garys Ordeal And My Little Incident Last Night Will Open Everyones Eyes. Iam Going To Head Down Now To Get A Few Pics Of The Car And Try To Find Anything That May Link Any Of This."

so please be careful as there are people watching everything and a civic was stolen a few doors up from myself on sunday night and i was driving back and from the mates passing the civic on a few occastions so the chances of me seeing those who stole it are probably high but i never would have known!


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