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Was talkin to a SVS cameraman at the glenns rally and he was tellin me theres a short review of the championship from the Sperrins to the Bushwacker on Season Ticket this wed at 10pm repeated on thurs at 7.30pm both BBC2!! Also a report of the glenns rally on the follwing week!!
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NIRC Highlights on BBC2 tonight

BBC Northern Ireland are including a 4 minute report on rounds 4 - 8 of the Northern Ireland Rally Championship as a part of their Season Ticket Programme.
Next week they will show a 3 minute report on the Final Round - The Glens of Antrim Rally.

Tonight - Wednesday 9th November @ 10pm on BBC2 Northern Ireland.

Spread the word and tune in if you can!

Many Thanks,

Terence J. Hegarty
SVS Productions
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