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I think that the scoobies are on the way out in Irish rallying.....The Focus has arrived!!!!!!!
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Well if they keep getting smashed up at the rate they are it won't be long. Good to see another make win-as I have said before on these pages-too many Scoobies, sooo boring. looking forward to Ulster next week. Boland's Scooby was damaged by Fleming so he may well be out in the Focus. He settled in well today and was very steady considering how many got caught out.
Ya nice to see something different on the stages, a xsara and maby a 307 would be niceeeeee!!!!!:laugh::laugh:
yes too many scoobies are boring, but if they were all being driven in andrew nesbitt style-maybe not. i would too like to see a better mix but it seems the subaru is very suited to the irish stages and so it will be a favourite with drivers,
Maybe the genie will spring a surprise next season and bring something different to the top step of the podium( apart from the corolla haha) he has said it before that he doesnt like the subaru route as there are too many! wouldnt a kingspan fabia be the dogs bolloxs runnig proper and winning....
Or a Focus in Kingspan colours-there will be plenty up for sale at the end of the year as M-Sport get the new car ready for 06 and Austin is retiring too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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