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Anybody know what the average salary of a WRC driver would be ?
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i think most would be wrc drivers would be happy with a works drive and a kick up the arse
i heard from a source that the only 2 drivers in this years wrc on salaries from the manufacturers were gronholm and shwartz. All the rest, including Loeb, got their monies from big sponsorship, which included bringing money to the works team.

Did none of ye pick up on what Mcrae said during his interview in Australia?
ok.. only saw coverage from the first day of Australia.. so how much are they getting from their sponsors? has to be decent money ?
I doubt Loeb wasnt paid by Citroen?

I hope Duvall wasnt!!!

I reckon Solberg is on a wage from SWRT also.
i think I read somewhere that Martin was the highest paid driver in the wrc on around £5mil
Of course they are paid-but it is a lot lower than it used to be with the lack of cars and the surplus of drivers.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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