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Just heard from a fairly reliable source that s1600 fiesta has arrived in cashel, anyone confirm this? would be great if it was true.
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I doubt it to be honest Mondy. The car hasn't even been out in JWRC yet, it is still under development which was what Justin Dale was doin in Ulster with it. ..............
Just heard the same and i can safely say that it true... if its ready it will be out for cork 20 and that is straight from the horses mouth..
Could be possible
The new car is under development - however a few of the old ones were on the market. Astra racing in Italy have (had perhaps??) one for sale
Who has bought it?
no its a brand new one.. its been built as we speak..
i heard the david delaney has one bought and he is from cashel
mite be ryan rally services that help wit dom buckley that are looking after it
heard he also got lhd drive st150 as recce car and WILSON will run the rally car for Cork!!!!!!
Matt Wilson doing Cork?
Think he means Malcolm Wilson will run the car in cork, not Matthew Wilson drive the car in Cork
i doubt if its a S1600, its probably one of them new formula 2000 that wilson is tryin to sell, there more or less a 2.0 gp.n car, i think there based on them st150's
dont know where you got that info from Dog-Box its all totally wrong firstly there is no S2000 Fiesta and also ST150 is a group n car!!!!!!!
m sport is releasing a 2 litre fiesta its not group n its more like a "cup car" spec with different parts.
Its a group N car!!!!!!!
well whatever, i doubt its a S1600 in cashel as there only bein developed so its prob one of the st150's, that what i meant
all de talk bout the fiesta not been available is rubbish,i know for a fact that if uv $80000 u can have one on the start line of the nxt irish tarmac stage to b run,development is ongoing but for that money ull have the latest spec
lads its definitely a s1600.. the fella was over in msport already and i was on to one of the lads over and it is being built and should be ready by this weekend r the w/end after..
I know who it is although I havent been talking to him since the Stonethrowers so I won't say anything that might get me in trouble.
Although I suppose I'd better give him a ring to see what the story is..
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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