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Ive decided to put all my things in one topic and this is it instead of posting a new topic every timel:laugh:
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Bought a set of dampers on ebay today brand spankin new,
They look like there for a nova/corsa but the seller wasnt sure,
Do you fink this was a good move and if they dont fit much you fink id get for them if i was to sell them on???

Plus uve placed an add in Flat to the Mat this week or next for suzuki and other parts wanted,
Anyone else have anything interesting this week???
what sort of dampers ? i might have a set of bilstein sport dampers there fixed platform struts seem to be in good nick let me know if ure intrested ill root them out.
Yeah no problem much you want for them would they do for motorsport??

As i was say i think they dampers i bought for the rear will fit if not was wondering much id get for they they are bilstien brand new?

I am interested in those front dtruts PM me or ring 02871398020 im up from 6:00pm till late tomorow lol
hoping to run my corsa/swift kinda standard for a few sprints around ahadowey forty quid entry rallys to see what the car fells like if everthing goes my way ill have the car finished october 05
have you come across anywhere selling cheap stuff to kit out ure car
im in the process of building a corsa as well and looking for cheap stuff
sick of ebay there is too much shit$ on it and its too popular anything good goes for way to much money
same problem sir nothing no where just you man at www.eurorallye.co.uk is alright has a good tranx f10 5 speed gear kit for sale 500 quid im going for a cc standard one for a few runs first any word on those struts or are you for keeping them
i'll have a look at them tommorow im at work 4 d night now i dont know if there is a full set or only the front but the look new enuff i ran the same setup on a 205 and the were grand.
going to have a look at the gaz set up that pro-tech do it looks good a good bit cheaper that bilstein
have you converted ure axle to discs yet i have caviler brakes on the front only drums on back looking for a handy way out dont like the whole cutting and welding as its a very critical area
Thats where i made the ,istake go for Rear golf Gti calipers as ive been told that the corsa rear stub axel is the same as the gti Golfs im only after front ones anyway but if you have a full set no prblem if you get any give me a ring anytime on 07814219515.

I got mine converted for chav brakes it was a good job but i should of went for golf instead what size of engine are you usein ?aslo tell me everything about your corsa so far anything you need gimma a shout i may have some contacts or seen somethoing around good luck
Originally posted by rossgamble1987
Ive decided to put all my things in one topic and this is it instead of posting a new topic every timel:laugh:

I know a mate who will have them!!!!!!
Ill get onto him sure and see wat the crac is okay!!!

So how the car comin along at the moment?????
She getting there LOL.
Slow enough progress but she needs a pile of parts she will be finished in october-december
So fatboy whats the words on the struts any other word for you feel a jerk callin you fatboy all the timelol :)
If all goes to plan my car will be out sooner with a new idea still building it as a rally car but not to as high as a spec just near standard engine and box with diff and all safty devices and head to ahadowey for a while then get her log booked and head out to some stage early next year!
http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2065586 This is where im going to host progress of my car so you will be viualy informed on the progress tell me what you fink only two old pics on i will update when some new parts arrive and some painting is done
Hi Colin any word on the rear brakes and Trev any word on front or rear dampers my rear ones should arrive monday i think?????
W.McFadden drive a swift powered corsa any idea where i could get contacts details 4 him???????????????????????
Hi havent heard from him, hes away on holidays there the past while. ill contact him as soon as he gets back.

Hi you need a navigator when you have her ready???????
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