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RIP Richard Burns

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Totally shocked
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I heard the news a few hours ago now and I'm still numb.

R.I.P Richard
Terrible news....gutted
god i wasnt expecting this.two sporting greats in one day.

R.I.P Richard
Shocking news indeed didnt know until now, another legend gone R.I.P
I thought he was getting better, I just cant beleive it.Total shock..
Real shame,
makes you think - Burns was one of the fittest hardest training guys in the WRC and he still couldnt fight it off

Terrible news, he was a great talent, I was just thinking the other day how great it would heve been to see him head to head at subaru with solberg like he was meant to happen before he fell ill

RIP Richard
Rallying is worse off today,Richard was one of the Great men of ralling.
Terrible news only heard it an hour ago i Cant believe motorsport has lost another great one....
R.I.P Richard

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He was awesome in the Subaru!!!

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Terrible news.

R.I.P Richard Burns. It was exactly this weekend in 1997 that I first saw Richard driving. It was on the Radnor stage of the RAC in the fog where he caught and passed Auriol and set a time no one else could match. To see him that morning put the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. What a true talent and true gentleman the world of rallying has lost!
I met Richard at Punchestown when he was there in the Subaru, seemed ok of a guy. He was bombarded with people lookin signatures and the likes tho so didnt get speakin to him for long. Great pilot, a little bit of a ginger whinger as he was called, but world class as he proved dozens of times over.

R.I.P Burnsie
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