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when will these be out?????????
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Before Galway in Feb 2006
Generally just before Christmas. Keep an eye on the Galway International Rally Web Site.......Cant rem the address but there's a link to it on rally.ie
Think they were out the week before Christmas last year...........

(Good one Troop by de way!!!!!!!)
The Launch of the New Galway International Rally website is tonight. Details will be posted of the rally very soon.
You headn to the pre-christmas party tonite clan?
I hope so, depending on a baby sitter. I will be the guy with the red carnation
Oranmore lodge Hotel. I think.
Ya Oranmore lodge hotel 9pm this evening,

Rally videos on big screen
launch of new website
Licence renewal form stamping
Licence & club membership card signing
Club membership renewal

Anyone get the regs for this rally yet?

Heard they have been posted to last years competitors?

Just wondering how many stages each day etc?
If they have been sent they have not yet arrived, but they were due this week.
Regs arrived today, there may be a bit of controversy over the use of only shell fuel for the refuelling.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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