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RBR setup

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Can anybody help me with the setup in richard burns rally?
Basically all i want is to get a good set up, one where you can actually push the car a little bit- and stop the tail from passing the car out under breaking.... at the moment i am finding it very unsatisfying, ive tried alot of different set ups but they havent solved the poor handling, the setup is so advanced its hard to know what to change...pity it actually is a brill game, the 13km stage is top class-over 8 mins long,
anyway hope someone has a few ideas:dunno
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www.swedishsimracers.com/rbr/compare.cfm, I got this site on google, was a great help, I had been feeling totally lost on set up. You can look up the times others have set on stages then see what set up they have used and even watch the replay if you have RBR for your PC!!!
What car do you favour in the game? They all handle quite a bit different, I find the 206 suits me best, although most of the best times seem to have been set by Citroen drivers.
Hope this helps, good to see someone else appreciating the best Rally game of all:)
il give a look now in a sec, cheers david! i have found the hyundai nearly the easiest to handle or the corolla isnt bad either, it is quite a realistic game alright-total concentration is needed to even stay on the road. its on playstation i have it and i use a steering wheel with that....great fun
yeah mines on ps2 aswell but cant find anybody who has bothered to write a good setup on the net....

ive been driving the subaru all the time but recently pulled the game out again and the citroen is now my favorite car.....but workign on a good setup for her at the min......

am i the only one that still plays this?
Hi, I play it too, awesome game, Joux Plane is an awesome stage, found the game tricky at 1st but its the only rally game I have ever played with realistic handling
yeah i always seem to go back to it after i get a new game ....... its a real challenge ....... i got a new speedster 3 steering wheel there for a tenner so im coming to terms with it...... very hard to win gb in champion mode realistic damage, its the only rally that eludes me.
joux plane? is that the donegal stage? :D my fav too. must try and upload a few on board videos onto youtube or summit.
big fan of this game, play it on the pc quite a bit, has anyone tried any of the mods for the pc version e.g. tarmac mod - changes all stages to tarmac
Originally posted by sonic
big fan of this game, play it on the pc quite a bit, has anyone tried any of the mods for the pc version e.g. tarmac mod - changes all stages to tarmac
are these mods PC only? sound interesting but only have it on PS2
Yeah they are only for the pc soz, there are tons of mods for the pc version, new cars - ford fiesta, focus etc, sound improvements, new carskins, and we even hope to see new tracks in the future, all mods can be found here :-

The tarmac mod is amazing, japan looks and feels like a irish rally stage, very narrow tarmac roads with no margin for error, i find great fun in the super 1600 MGZR :D
sonic id love to see a full stage in car view on noiker if ur not busy :) maybe u could upload to youtube

i thought about buying the pc version btu then read theres a lot of glitches and it runs shit (well it would on my computer its 5 months old and got aids like uve never seen beforE)
yeah no prob, will try and get it done over the next few days, do you want me to use the tarmac mod? , also any preference of car e.g. standard cars or extras e.g. focus, fiesta etc , afriad im not signed up with youtube, but if i can send it to you by e-mail or something could u put it up for me?

yeah afraid the game on the pc is quite graphic hungry, all the glitches hav been fixed with patches and graphic card updates, so no problems at mo, i have pedals and steering wheel for it mounted on a desk but would love to get a cage for it, know a few people that have them :D
YEAH TARMAC AND ANd any car you prefer......the only problem i ever had with the ps version is sometimes i would be at the start line with no wheels on and it just sits wrecking about......hasnt happened in ages.....it was a game i so wanted to have a sequel but i think its outta the question....

the foghorn in the replays r so irratating.....
lol never noticed it, dont watch the replays much, as soon as i get a chance ill get a video done.

yeah dont think there is gonna be a sequel, found this on bhmotorsports :-

"Developer Warthog was sold off shortly after the release of the second and final patch, and is now part of Gizmondo Studios. They are working on supplying content to the Gizmondo handheld device. "
I reckon its a great challenging game,

I love to take the P2000 Impreza WRC Or the corolla for a spin on tarmac,

Wish there was more cars tho,
How can anyone say the handling is realistic if you never drove a wrc in real life?:wacko:
well it handles more like a car than any other game then......

how do you kno i aint drove a wrc? i used to test for arrows wrc team
lads come on get a life
thanks for the offer mate but already got one....
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