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Rally of the Glens

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I tried link but no regs availble to download yet.
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Cant wait for this, the local event. Should be a good one as usual!!
Just apity the championship is decided for this is one of the best events
will def be there to brave the elements as usual!!

cant wait! :cool:
any idea what way orra is being run this year?? :cool:
toshiba is no more then! there was just somethine about the name! been at 'toshiba' since i was a kid!

hopefully it will be as exciting as always!

local event for us guys too.

Makes me very old then, I still call it the Townparks.:laugh:
lol, was the townparks not the same as the gmw rally held up in tardree neil?

Are you going to take your flying Fieasta to the Glens or when are you planning to be take her for a spin.

The Townparks (as it was then) used to have a stage in Tardree. The GMW, which uses Tardree forest, replaced the rally that used to be held in Ballymena Showgrounds a number of years ago.

Can't wait for the Rally of the Glens/Toshiba/Townparks, my local event as well and hopefully full length orra is used this year, what a stage!!
yeah apart from gmw it would be our local one too and its always a cracker! orra was a good show last yr except that i got my camcorder destroyed by the rain!

keep er lit,

If anyone would like to help out or marshal on this event please contact me on [email protected] or u2u me. Thanks! A warm meal will be provided for all marshals at the finish!
ray, do you know what way orra is being run this year? :cool:
Originally posted by plr1980

Are you going to take your flying Fieasta to the Glens or when are you planning to be take her for a spin.
Not mine, u must be mixing me up! But hes sitting with his da at the toshiba. First outing will be the alltrac event at aghadowey to get him started!! Some wee machine!!!!

When I started rallying for the first couple of years, we got a spin in Tardree on at least 2 rallies. The townparks and the Conecrusher (now there was an adventure), it was also the first forrest rally I did.

I'm starting to sound like an auld lad, I'm getting old.:p

In 1989/90 I remember doing the Townparks which included the following:

Beggs 1&2
Slievenora (then split in 2)
and Ballycastle

I'm not sure how many stages in all (about 18/20) but it was a hell of a days rallying.

I'm away for my horlicks now.
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Neil McC by the sound of it you will soon qualify for the bus pass:eek:

Did you ever race against paddy hopkirk ?

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Could get sponsorship from Werther's Original:p
Didnt the cone crusher run right through the night to a breakfast halt and the 2 or 3 more stages?
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