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The Townparks (as it was then) used to have a stage in Tardree. The GMW, which uses Tardree forest, replaced the rally that used to be held in Ballymena Showgrounds a number of years ago.

Can't wait for the Rally of the Glens/Toshiba/Townparks, my local event as well and hopefully full length orra is used this year, what a stage!!

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Originally posted by plr1980

Are you going to take your flying Fieasta to the Glens or when are you planning to be take her for a spin.
Not mine, u must be mixing me up! But hes sitting with his da at the toshiba. First outing will be the alltrac event at aghadowey to get him started!! Some wee machine!!!!

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When I started rallying for the first couple of years, we got a spin in Tardree on at least 2 rallies. The townparks and the Conecrusher (now there was an adventure), it was also the first forrest rally I did.

I'm starting to sound like an auld lad, I'm getting old.:p

In 1989/90 I remember doing the Townparks which included the following:

Beggs 1&2
Slievenora (then split in 2)
and Ballycastle

I'm not sure how many stages in all (about 18/20) but it was a hell of a days rallying.

I'm away for my horlicks now.
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