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rally ireland results!

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just a wee note on the margine of matthew wilson's victory. it just proves that outside the top 4-5 drivers i.e donnelly,nesbitt,derek+tim. the standard is very poor, after lynch went out it was'nt a case would matthew win but by how much ! fair enough he's destined for the world championship butwe pride ourselves over here 4 having the best championship in the world when really all it is, rich boys at the topwith nothing else 2 do with there money so instead of give it 2 the taxman-go buy a rally car:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
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all of our top men are getting on, and as ye know, ye slow down a wee bit as ye get older and wiser

Wilson, on the other hand, in an ordinary road car, could be mistaken for a 14 year old joy rider from west belfast. Indeed I thought I saw him acting the wag one night on insight....

He is in a different league to the irish men (apart from meeke). Lynch would have been nowhere near him in the forests, and it is probably just as well he put her off, rather than face the agony of defeat at the hands of an 18 year old. A bit more tarmac knowledge, and he will be unstoppable at international level.

God, I hope he and higgins do the tarmac championship next year - after all, what ither championships can they compete in?
so mr wilson and his navigator at the ulster i wouldnt have thought they get a moped on the road legally they looked that small and young!!!
lynch wouldnt have been near the pace of wilson!! sure he isnt much quicker than allen or mchale on the loose!!

the likes of donnelly and nesbitt would have had to pull a lot out of him on the tarmac to be in with a chance,but id still say wilson would pull it back on the gravel, and lets not forget that meeke was minutes ahead of him in rally GB!!!thats not to say he would deffo beat him on rallyireland,im just stateing the fact

wilson just seemed to get a mad outburst of gravel pace last week on the trackrod when he beat higgins.and higgins put it off trying to keep up with him.
if hes back in march i dont think it will be as easy.anyone know if they are using the same stages next year??

wilson the man:cool:
Since he has come back from that monumental accident he seems to have gotten quicker. Thought the opposite might have happened. Hopefully he will get a good few wrc rounds in 06.
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