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Rally Ireland Predictions

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With all the talk about Rally Ireland, who do you think will win it?

I think maybe Mathew Wilson or Kevin Lynch (If he is there)
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i think kevin lyngh o/a
and maybe john mclaughin gpN
I think Lynch just in front of Wilson and Austin because its only a few weeks since he was on those gravel stages. Thats if they all turn up
Gareth Machale or Glen Allen will be near the top!
Glen Allen done a great job at lurgan park rally on the gravel and tarmac so he should be grat for top 4 or 5
Eugune Donnelly he has reciently been doing forestry event to get prepared......
hes not doing it but!!!
Look at the entry list, Donnellys not in it!!
Lynch is in it, but if you read the topic "KPL to pull out of rally ireland" you will see.

My reply wasnt to you sainzwrc, while i was typing my reply you posted.
Matt Wilson To Win Hands Down :kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss::kiss:
Dont think Matt Wilson is doing it.......recce was last weekend was'nt it and he was at Rally Yprkshire=no recce!!!
There is a recce on friday and some other days this week...
The tarmac stages could be recced either on sunday past or this coming thursday . The forest stages are to be recced this friday . Matt Wilson wont be far away . Had a good run on the Ulster and won Trackrod at the weekend .
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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